Wireless mouse and keyboard set GENIUS KB-8000X USB Black CZK+SK review

– Cheap Wireless mopuse and keyboard set Genius. Nice design keyboard with intuitive keys, sensitive work, reliable operation. Only the batteries are weak point of the product. Batteries inside keyboard are long life, but the batteries inside mouse must recharged every week, in comparison with other keyboard set this set has a higher energy consumption. Therefore not suitable for professional all-day use. Windows® 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, 2,4 GHz, 4 bateries AAA


19 thoughts on “Wireless mouse and keyboard set GENIUS KB-8000X USB Black CZK+SK review

  1. Alguien sabe si hay algun receptor (dongle) compatible con el teclado y el mouse, ya que el que tenia se me perdio :/

  2. Is there a button for a keyboard which i cant find or what as it's not working I'm trying for 2 days now…?

  3. Muy buen producto…..funciona muy bien, si no hay actividad, el mouse y el teclado entran en modo de suspension para ahorrar bateria y se vuelve activar con un click….. no tiene luces led….bloqueo de mayusculas, bloqueo numerico, etc…solo hay un led rojo que se enciende cuando la bateria esta casi agotada

  4. recently acquired this kit does not work with my Windows 10 computer. I see you write something in the cmd to help me solve my problem …. greetings

  5. I changed the batteries in the mouse on the same model and from that moment the movment is invert. When I move mouse left it goes right on the screen, when up it goes down..etc.
    I tried on another computer, but work the same.
    For first six mounth it work very well.
    Does anyone have had this problem?

  6. Its a pretty lame combo, Im using it right now, the batteries last nothing, the mouse gets easily interference from other wireless devices, even the phone…
    And definitely its not a mouse for a FPS, or probably any game, its so slow… (Even when you proper set the mouse config from the control panel) the range of the wireless is bad as well, if I put the usb on the back of the computer it gets laggy and random moves from time to time.
    I buy it 3 months ago and im regretting it, im already thinking to trash it…
    For being my first wireless experience its not good at all, it sucks…
    I get its a low price combo, but this is a joke.

  7. Three days ago, my mouse don´t work, only used the mouse and the keyboard don't. What would be the problem? change the batery but dont work none

  8. No problem, works with our Windows 10 CZ without complication. No special driver or additional action not necessary.

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