When Hype Jobs Face Reality! Pt3

Boxing Legends TV continues the series taking a look at some of the funniest, saddest, and outright bizarre hype jobs in boxing history. This episode features David Price, Michael Olajide Jr and more.

The is a re-upload of the original that was deleted from the ‘boxing legends tv’ channel late 2018. We are the official second channel and have the full permission to re-upload all the old missing content


28 thoughts on “When Hype Jobs Face Reality! Pt3

  1. The commentary from 5:27 isn't from the Thompson fight, it's from Prices loss against Teper. (fat guy from Germany.)

    In the Thompson fight the commentators last words before the knockdown were; "a big fella called Tyson Fury will be watching." Quite ironic.

  2. Dude please make videos????? Where are you lost??? Get a new account or something. Get on any other platform. Just produce content!!?

  3. Price didn't become a world champ, but his losses are at the hands of quality opposition and he gets way too much shit. Thompson took Wlad deep in two fights. Hammer was a junior champion and a contender. Kebab was EU champ and heavily roided at the time, so that's a NC now. Povetkin is a gold medallist and killer. Kuzman is an amateur gold medallist and a prospect. Chisora is still a contender, and Price stepped in for that on short notice.

  4. Can't remember watching price in the past but did he have any medical issues ? Seems to get knocked out and disoriented quickly ?

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