Watch this before buying a Blue Yeti! | Auram's Corner

I made an update/sequel to this video!
Also, watch these videos:

• AT-2020:
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• ATR-2100:

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38 thoughts on “Watch this before buying a Blue Yeti! | Auram's Corner

  1. wtf the reason its the mic everyone uses is because its good! (fucking thrilled the comments is just disagreeing with him because its a good mic no questions asked)

  2. The only difference I noticed between the 3 mics is that the Yeti is a little louder… Which isn't always a bad thing and can be fixed by tweaking a couple settings inside your pc if you so desire…


    iv been struggling with my own audio & was this close to buying a yeti.
    My ATR2100 arrived this morning, I recorded this afternoon & the audio quality outdoes the very expensive lavalier & boom mic combo I’ve been using 100-1
    . Amazing for a mic not even in shot (2ft away)
    It is literally plug & play for half the price

    Thank u so much. 🙏 🙏 🙏

  4. It's very similar to its analog counterparts except that it lacks: Warmth, Body, Tone, and Flexibility. Practically any XLR Microphone plugged into a Behringer UMC22 ($55) will sound better then that pot metal piece of Junk. Every time I see one in a video I'm reminded why I'm so thankful I didn't buy one. Good Video.

  5. Regardless of what others say, I thought it was valuable to learn the cons and pros of each mic, especially when it came down to budget and how universal the mic is with equipment.

  6. This guy is speaking with double speak by literally advertising all of the great features while only nitpicking about what he doesn't like personally and aesthetically while constantly telling us how awesome it is. I am actually more interested and think I may buy the yetti lol. Thanks man.

  7. i just cant listen to you as i cant get past the visual distraction of the mic not straight – is the surface not level??

  8. You sound like you dont know what your talking about bro, especially when you said you dont like that "USB mic sound". When you said he Blue Yeti was low end as well you just sounded even more dumb. The Yeti fits on any mount so I dont know what the hell kinda mount you were using. I think the Yeti is the best mic for its price, it sounds amazing but that auidio teknika sounds no where near as good. You seem like the person that just wants to hate on popular stuff cos you think that people are using it just because its popular. People are using the Yeti because it sounds good. If it is USB or not it does not make a difference so I dont know what you are talking about. XLR is also not as straight forward to set up and with USB you just plug and play. Thankyou For Reading. And BTW your skit at the start of the video was pretty crap, im sorry.

  9. Tbh I watch that video right when my blue yeti is on the way to me and personally I like the sound of it better than the Rode one from what I’ve hearing in comparison.

    And here comes the part that might upset some people but: I want a USB Mic, no recorder, no extra box for XLR Connectors and stuff is needed to operate that thing. I want to use it on a Desktop, maybe a Notebook and maybe on my Tablet. But in order to run “on the go” for the last 2 devices it would be pretty nice if I won’t need to carry around several additional boxes to make it work and blow up my luggage.

    And I get this man is a BIIIIIG Fan of XLR but what would be more interesting is if he would compare it to other USB Mics out there. Like I mentioned above: XLR is not an option for me.

    And the blue yeti will be my first mic. I have not preference when it comes to brands or vendors. And the price is also not a issue for me cause I got mine from a giveaway… so no issue from the price on my end either.

    But I’m really disappointed from this video:
    – First of all the whole message is: It has not XLR
    – Second (what is even more disappointing in terms of an objective review) why not compare it with the pro version which has XLR?
    – Third the scene on the end where he fakes to throw the mic somewhere. That’s childish, how can I (as a potential customer) take this video seriously and therefore take that guy’s opinion about mics seriously?

    Seem like his “corner” is a dark corner

  10. Listening to the atr mics brought my ears physical pain in how tinny and condensed they were they sounded all most like a cheap phone speaker

  11. I got it and it was fine but it dents very easily. It was just in the stand it came in and it fell and now there like an inch deep dent in my microphone

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