Video Vortex: The LOVE Park Story | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Here’s a thorough look at LOVE Park and it’s impact in the global skate community. This 30-minute piece came out in the Winter 2004 issue of ON Video Magazine. LOVE Park was shut down then, but eventually came back. The parallel in some of these stories from over ten years ago is a trip. RIP LOVE.
Video / Kirk Dianda

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24 thoughts on “Video Vortex: The LOVE Park Story | TransWorld SKATEboarding

  1. Idk why but black dudes all had this same stiff style of skating back then, they always landed tricks with thier legs stiff, never absorbing the pop.

  2. IDEA: Get the blueprints, and make some NEW Love somewhere you can skate for more than just 5-6 months out of the year.

  3. I miss this place so much. So many memories of just cutting up all night. I love LOVE park. Priceless. RIP LOVE.

  4. Sounds like Philadelphia is a pretty shitty city to live in. Skaters gave the city new blood, new life and their city council said, "oh hell nah we can't have that! This is a city exclusively for drug dealers and bums! Get outta here skaters!!! You bring in money to the city? Business to shops? DISGUSTING. SHUT IT DOWN!"

    Fuck Philadelphia. They're proud to be a shit hole place for scumbags.

  5. The funny thing about stevie is when hes in regular he pushes mongo but when hes switch he pushes normally

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