Turn your HC-05 into a HID Bluetooth device (No Parallel Port Method)

Flash HID firmware on to a $3 Bluetooth devices so you make it act like a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse or game pad! You can use either a HC-06 or HC-05 for this

Unlike other methods for doing this, this method does involve a parallel port so it should work on most computers.

NOTE: Please read pinned comment, there is certain styles of board this won’t work on


Evan’s Bluetooth HID video –

Software Links:
Blue Suite:
(CSR website doesn’t seem to work anymore, get it from here)

FTDI Modules Drivers:
Zadig Driver installer:

Parts needed:
HC-05 Bluetooth Module* –
FTDI Board* –
Male header pins* –

HC-05 Bluetooth Module* –
FTDI Board* –
Male header pins* –

HC-05 Bluetooth Module* –
FTDI Board* –
Male header pins (comes with female too)* –

Original HID Module
RN-42 Module –

Serial Pass through Sketch –

* = Affiliate Link


38 thoughts on “Turn your HC-05 into a HID Bluetooth device (No Parallel Port Method)

  1. Some people are having issues after they flash the modules with RN-42 firmware, when opening PStool they get an error "unable to find entries in the look up table", this seems to be caused by one type of module as I am after finding one that also gives this error


    I'm not sure if there is an error with this method and this board, or with the firmware and this board (Evan also uses the "good" board).

    To make matters more challenging, I bought 4 of these modules from 4 different sellers on Aliexpress. All 4 of them on the listing images look like a "good" module, but 2 of modules I received are "bad". The one I link to in the video description was one of the sellers who sent me a good one (But I ordered in August 2016 so I dont know if stock has changed!)

    Maybe it is worth messaging the seller the image above and ask them to confirm which it is before buying.

  2. Before doing anything read this discussion it might save your time and effort:-


  3. Thanks for info but i am looking for adding a usb port to hc05 and using that for directly connecting keyboard, mouse, gamepad etc, is it possible you make a video about that

  4. Very help full. I do it. And it go perfect.
    I have only one problam.
    How to connect HC-05 to Arduino UNO for last setting on 10:09 and what are the arduino progrom to do so ?

  5. hello kindly share the link of rn42 firmware dump files as evan kale has deleted his video from where i can get the

  6. can someone help me please, for some reason when i set up hid keyboard for this and enter keystrokes using serial moniter it never stop sending keystrokes to my computer
    even though i only set one pls help

    also i connected this to my phone as well and for some reason when i send a keystorke it automatticaly gives a "enter" key as well at the end of each message. so there is always a return after every sent thing
    pls help someone 🙁

  7. Can anyone confirm that this still works? Bought 2 hc-05, 1 of them has a 26mhz crstyal and the other crystal is unknown…. Should i try the 26 mhz on? They're both BC4. Thx a lot 🙂

  8. If you have an ESP32, you don't need to go through any of these hassles. It has a built-in Bluetooth module and just needs short Arduino sketch to turn it into a Bluetooth keyboard: https://gist.github.com/manuelbl/66f059effc8a7be148adb1f104666467. At $5 the ESP32 is even cheaper than the HC-05/FTDI combo.

  9. There is no point in buying an FTDI converter, PERIOD, if you have the HC-05 module then there is no doubt you also have an Arduino device. By connecting the ground and reset pins on your Arduino you can use the TX and RX pins for serial communication directly from your computer. Just remember that by doing this you are bypassing the ATmega32 processor which the RX and TX pins are labeled relative to. So when connecting to the module you are actually going to connect TX to TX and RX to RX.

    Here is a link the HC-05s pinout: https://os.mbed.com/media/uploads/edodm85/1-881-.jpg
    As you can see RX/TX are the located on the first two pins and (obviously) you will still need to provide power to the module.

  10. Hello, how this uprgaded hc-05 module connect to native bluetooth gamemad, for get control values from buttons and analog sticks for control arduino board for example?

  11. Nice tutorial Brian! But i when i send $$$ the hc-05 doesnt reply… I did everything just like the video but couldnt get it to work. I backed up and tried again but with no luck

  12. Is anyone is still following along here or trying to make an HC-05 into a HID device? I'm having absolutely no luck finding an RN42 firmware image… can anyone help with a direct link?

  13. Hi, thanks for this method, but I don't want to spend money. Is there any method I can do? Like using arduino or making a thing with soldering that helps to connect hc05 to pc with usb? (I have firmware of RN42)

  14. Well, someone commented on my video about programming STM32 in Kei – "it is so complicated". What they will say for this video? 😀 Okay, I am using direct addressing programming, maybe that part looks complicated, but it is not that bad. Once used to do direct addressing, then I can switch to other compilers as is Atollic TrueStudio and others. Else, there is specific thing on each compiler, and I want to avoid that. Thank you again for very informative videos.

  15. I guess this method should work using an Arduino UNO as FTDI programmer, right? (in a similar way we do it to flash an ESP-01)


  16. Hi Brian please let me know that is it possible to use it as a Bluetooth Audio Receiver? I want to use it to convert normal audio headset into Bluetooth headset. I must appreciate your compact and lucid demonstration of the overall process. Too good man…..

  17. For those in need, that like me have searched for BlueSuite, i have uploaded a few versions that i found around , even the latest at this point BlueSuite 2.6.11 build 1937

    here: https://yadi.sk/d/QAdQ7zuP-X62Xg

  18. Hi, this is a great tutorial. I would like to create a batch of these HC-05 modules with the HID enabled firmware. I have a couple questions:

    1) Can I use an FT231X breakout? It has the right pins, and I have installed the libusbK driver with Zadig, but there doesn't seem to be a custom usbspi.dll in its driver package. See https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13263

    2) Do I actually need an original RN-42 module, or can I use the firmware and settings from someone else?

  19. 9:35 I got stuck here. I try to do the same but with Arduino Nano, but when enter $$$ I get no response. How to fix it?

  20. okay so i have a question…
    can we reprogram the HC-05 with an Arduino uno/nano
    cos to my understanding the purpose of using the ftdi breakout board is to interface the HC-05 to a pc…
    and a nano/uno has ftdi usb interfacing capability…
    and we can actually install the bootloader on another nano/uno with one (i've done this previously after somehow deleting the bootloader)
    so if this is a feasible method then it'll save a a lot of effort cos i already have multiple uno nanos and hc-05s…but no breakout-board….
    pls someone a little help needed here😐

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