This Youtuber Needs to be Stopped… *Shallon Lester*

Hi friends! So in today’s video we are talking about a youtuber who has gotten a lot of attention recently for her content. If there is one thing to take away from this video, I really hope that its Celebrity or youtuber drama and mental health just don’t mix. Trying to psychologically evaluate people who you’ve never met is a problem and I hope Shallon is listening to what people are saying and can at least acknowledge the issues people are bringing up. I love you guys so much and I will see you in the next one!

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48 thoughts on “This Youtuber Needs to be Stopped… *Shallon Lester*

  1. One good thing of this Shallon Lester mess is that I really started to see just how negative she was and I found someone like you. Thanks for all the positivity, you have one new subscriber 🙂

  2. She turned me off during her Evil Week – how to cheat and not get caught, destroying your enemies – she said she was a military sniper – she had to BRAG how clever she is, and getting ahead at work by manipulating everybody to do things for you and taking the credit! And having a threesome and how exhausting it is.

  3. She came up in my recommendations (I was in aTaylor Swift music mood 😁) and she was talking about her. I kept on raising my brows in desbelieve at what she kept saying. For some reason her description seemed positive, but it was not what she was talking about it. I didn't finish seeing it, but I did click on another Taylor Swift titled video. Not a good choice- I didn't finish seeing that one either. She doesn't like Taylor Swift- you can tell, because in everything she said (or most of) she let you know that Taylor didn't do it the correct way. I mean I know not everyone likes Taylor Swift, but they acknowledge when she does something good atleast. After those failed videos I realized I didn't want to give her my views because she strikes me as someone that just gives out negativity and I want no part in that.

  4. this is completely unrelated to the topic but u are GLOWING in this video ur literally so beautiful im shocked more ppl are not commenting this

  5. I think it’s funny that she makes relationship advice videos too and one of them is literally “How to cheat and get away with it” such brilliant content eye roll You absolutely hit the nail on the head with all of the mental health stuff. Also even about the AMAs and Selena. I’m 100% she was drunk at some point on her reality show Downtown Girls (it’s like a trashy spin off of The City) which is also on national TV, so she has no right to point the finger about people being drunk at work.

  6. I hated that she claimed about Lana Del Ray heroine addiction. After that i understand that she's problematic.

  7. After doing tons of call out videos on celebrities, Shallon has reached a level of celebrity where people are doing call out videos on her. Ironic…

  8. I 100% vehemently disagree with addiction being considered a "disease" these days, especially regarding hard drugs. Like you made the stupid choice to do this thing, now you have to deal with the consequences of said drug being highly addictive. Second of all, if it's true that Selena is suffering from alcohol/drug addiction and her organ transplant was to replace her kidney(?) that was failing because of said addiction, then yeah, that is messed up and doctors should not be giving organ transplants to people like that. A family friend died due to her drinking and they refusing to give her an organ transplant because of that fact. Therefore, if Selena was able to get one because of her celebrity status regardless of the reason behind it, that is gross and beyond fucked up when that could have gone to someone who is healthy and needed it 100000x more.

  9. As a healthcare provider I can tell you from experience that diagnosing any health condition is extremely convoluted and doesn’t just involve remembering anything I’ve ever read in a book. That’s especially true for mental health disorders which are incredibly abstract and specific to each individual person. To think you can research something on google in 3 min and “diagnose” someone with it is appalling and insulting to mental health care specialist, not to mention, healthcare providers in general. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  10. I missed this video, saw the new one posted, so came here first. This kind of person really pisses me off… that is all I will say here…

  11. If you’re an ex-Shallon fan like myself, I suggest that people just quietly Unsubscribe to her channel. She had said if people upvote she’ll get engagement points, just watching her videos ✅, downvotes ✅, people writing negative comments ✅. Everything is engagement and 💵 for her.

  12. She’s not shitting on Selena Gomez for having an organ transplant lol she’s shitting on her for having that transplant and then publicly continuing to drink! Get your facts straight before you make these heavy accusations.

  13. Bipolar is different for everyone and there are different kinds of Bipolar Disorder. I have Bipolar II so I am usually more depressed than manic but I do experience mania and mixed episodes. During my manic episodes, I will spend money late at night, and then when things arrive at my house, I won't remember I did it. Or I'll write a lot. One day, I wrote 8600 words. I couldn't stop.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when people think they know exactly how a person with Bipolar Disorder should act. GTFOH, Shallon.

  14. I started listening to Shallon about three months ago. She has some good advice about relationships and respecting your boundaries. I found myself skipping more and more of her celebrity videos because they were so mean spirited and there seemed to be rampant lies. She constantly shits on Selena Gomez, and spreads lies about her ‘heroin addiction’ while dismissing her very real autoimmune disorder. The comments she made about Pete Davidson and his BPD and suicidal ideation were horrible. She plain lied that Harry Styles made out with her. I used to be a fan of hers but I’m not anymore. She’s gone too far and you can’t keep lying and spreading malicious rumors. She’s lying that D’angelo hacked her and released her private info. It’s also so unprofessional to diagnose people without any credentials and her opinions on mental health are damn right hurtful and damaging.

  15. You are incredibly articulate and intelligent, and i'm confident you will do great in the social field you pursue. Great video!

  16. She hates Selena to the point that it's borderline sadistic and sick….knowing she had a crush on Justin when he was 15 makes it clear…she is jealous of her like a crazy teenager talking as if she knows her. The woman lost a kidney and this woman is vicious in a disturbing manner. She wants the poor woman dead I do not know how she got to the point of having so many followers

  17. It took long enough for other YouTubers to notice how problematic she is. I'm just sitting here like, "Drag her!! Finish her!" lol

  18. Actually I find this kinda funny! Next clap-back one-liner encountering another abusive person will be:
    "Your delusional perception of people comes from watching too many Shallon Lester's videos!" XD

  19. Please stop being a clout
    chaser. If you used to watch shallon and you had a problem with her why didn’t you make the videos then or acknowledge it then? Why do it now that d’angelo made the video and got shit tonnes of views on it. I’m not defending shallon here but I’m also calling out blatant clout chasing. D’angelo’s video was well executed and had all relevant and accurate information. His was enough, we’ve all seen his video. We don’t need to see dramatised versions of exactly what he said from small you tubers like you who are only making this video to get some views. Cheap behaviour.

  20. I mean…she was the Editor for Star of Magazine at one point. So, there's that lol. This is who she is I guess 🕵

  21. It's so sad the options that we are given with these people like Shallon. Because I think it is important to let people know that the foul things she is saying are lies and made up out of nowhere whether she is talking about celebrities, YouTubers, or someone else. But at the same time it's just like Trisha Paytas, where I had no idea who she way until everyone started making videos exposing her. So in educating ourselves and others on these people, they are receiving fame and money, so are they going to change their behavior? I hope that some day some of the many celebrities whose names she drags through the dirt will take legal action on her. I also thought that Dangelo's vido was extrememly well done.

  22. I liked the video on how to be a prepper. We don't do that in my country, it seems like a classic over-reacting attitude from the U.S., but it was fun.
    But since I didn't know her a lot, when she made fun of Robert Kardashian for having a diary was so stupid??? Like man can't show emotions? Can't they write their thoughts?
    Nice video! The first time I saw you was through a link from @tiffanyferg

  23. Shallon is an r/nicegirl. Guys, especially High school to college aged men. Carry a crucifix with a bottle of holy water. If you ever run into this succubus.

  24. Have you seen her video insulting kpop idols and metrosexual asians? She has gone to another level. She's now a f**king racist.

  25. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Brilliant review & good observation on the last video re Selena & Demi – I noticed Shallon’s toned down video!

  26. I had originally liked some of her videos about the celebrity gossip. Not gonna lie I love that stuff. But armchair diagnosing someone pissed me off (I have a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and I’m a 2nd yr PhD student in Psychology). The Selena Gomez and Pete Davidson videos really really did it for me. You don’t dismiss someone’s mental health issues or health issues and dismiss someone is selfish for saying they couldn’t go through suicide because they didn’t want to hurt their mom and sister. Fuck that bitch.

  27. Im really proud of the younger generation showing awareness and calling people out on youtube! You guys actually could point out things to people that are too blind by her manipulaition by her charms and lies so see can gain money from it. It also makes me believe in the future generation being better people that are really wanting to make a better world! And one thing, please tdont vote for Trump this year, hes basically the same peronality as Shallon.

  28. I watched a bunch of other videos on this topic, later realized you made a video about it. I clicked, heard your voice and I literally said out loud “ahhh feels like home” lmaooo 😂😂😂😂

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