The Rise and Fall of Love Park

Philadelphia natives reminisce on Love Park’s communal atmosphere prior to its renovations and compare it to the empty walking space that it has been reconstructed into today.

By Austin Paul Ampeloquio.

Courtesy Footage:

DGK – Beware of the Underdogs:

Bones Bearings – Jahmir Brown – filmed by Carson Reuther:

DJTraceman – Jahmir Brown – 360 Flip Love Gap Attempts:

TransWorld Skateboarding – Video Vortex: The LOVE Park Story by Kirk Dianda:

IndySkate – Go Skateboard Day Philly 2005 Love Park:

charmcityinc – Last Days of Love Park Final Session:


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4 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of Love Park

  1. This is beautiful. Love park is still there, just not in the same location. It's in the hearts of the real og skaters in downtown Philadelphia.

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