The Problem With Brendan Greene and Bluehole Studios – PUBG vs Fortnite Battle Royale —

Brendan pls

~ It seems people think this is a video review. I don’t know why, I never said anywhere that it was. If you’d like to watch a video review , click here :

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30 thoughts on “The Problem With Brendan Greene and Bluehole Studios – PUBG vs Fortnite Battle Royale —

  1. According to me whatever you said about pubg is false
    And you suck at your reasoning
    You are a real hypocrite manipulating situations

  2. If PUBG wasnt glitchy and laggy it would be better then fortnite. I still refuse to play fortnite, shit is for KIDS.

  3. If you’re actually good on FPP this game is actually amazing.. the studio is just stupid as fuck and keep fucking up

  4. Sooo… my opinion
    PUBG is orginal
    Fortnite is still for 12 year olds… babies and wussies… basically every kid who plays the game only cares about some dumb skins and emotes….

  5. Hey guys, I came from the future, guess what? PUBG is still shit and Fornite is still king of the hill, who would have thought?

  6. Late here, PUBG is still shit and Fortnite is dying out in popularity but gameplay is still amazing. Most people defending pubg in these comments are just asshats who think the only people who like Fortnite more are just too poor to afford PUBG

  7. I enjoy both of these games very much and I think each one has there good and bad qualities. my main problem with fortnite is there are no attachments. with pubg, I think just some of the mechanics aren't the best,I hate how a vehicle moving one mile per hour can kill you.

  8. PUBG is no different than everything else in this era. Half assed and dry.

    Models vs IG Models

    Call of Duty vs PUBG

    Real life vs Social media

  9. Fucking chill it's a game. And plus PUBG uses the same engine as fortnite and then took that engine and made fortnite and now they are making money from both games at the same time. Now what have you got to say to this? And plus the 'battle royale' movie is a fucking movie and had couple of people on an island and had to kill each other there was no jumping from a plane, no deadly zone, so shut the fuck up with you non sense piece of shit.

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