THE PLATFORM Ending Explained!

In this video we take a deep dive, review, recap and explain the ending to Netflix’s latest horror film from Spain “The Platform”. El Hoyo.

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33 thoughts on “THE PLATFORM Ending Explained!

  1. You have Imuguiri wrong. She kills herself after finding out that there are more than 200 floors. She had earlier insisted there were only 200 floors and now realized she had been misled throughout her service about nearly everything. After she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she entered by will to try to affect positive change. She was sacrificing her final moments of life from the start. She didn't care about starving; rather, she felt disipar that change was more hopeless than she had believed.

  2. I thought it was interesting that goreng resembled Jesus Christ at the very end bloodied up, and this is the same sacrifice that Christ endured in order to save humanity

  3. 🧐Thats the same panna cotta dessert the mater chef was showing to his staff, there was a hair in it….the last 333 room doesnt exist the girl never ate the dessert,it was not real…both goreng and baharat died ,but the message was send to the chef ,so …good ending🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  4. Level 5 couple had it right. Eating, fucking, and shitting on everyone else when you're at the top. Ending fell short.

  5. That wasn't his last month. That was his fifth month. 2 months with the old guy, 2 with imoguiri and his fifth with baharat. He was to spend to 6 months.

  6. I think that miharu's reason for going on the platform not to find her daughter but to smuggle her food when she is in lower levels and everytime her daughter gets assigned to a floor miharu kills her cell mate and ascends to smuggle her daughter food because it would've been impossible for miharu not to find her after all these tries and baharat and goreng (whatever his name) find her in their first try

  7. If their are 333 levels, and only the first 50 levels eat, then prisoners have a 50/333 chance of eating for each given month. Thats pretty low odd, what percent does that make ?

  8. Humanity (The message) doesn't need a deliverer (Religion, pope, imam etc.). This is why the main character decided to die.
    The symbol of the message (pannacotta) almost got more important than the message (child) itself. They almost sacrificed the message for the symbol.

    Miharu knew that there is a child on floor 333 (there are 2 people for every floor =666 = which represents hell) and therefore she decided to bring her down some food every day.

    Great movie!

  9. People like Jeff Bezos make me sick. 150 billion dollars! Who the fuck needs 150 billion dollars. I would literally give away 149 billion minimum to needy people. If you and your family can't live off a billion dollars you don't fucking deserve it. I just thought of that while watching this so sorry if it feels

  10. They didn't offer her a cure for cancer to go in the pit. She knew she was basically dead and went to the pit to change the system and help everyone to do good before her death.

  11. Guys admin would not have out the girl there I reckon remebe bc they said they don’t let under 16s go in the hole? So I reckon the girl was born in the hole somehow?????

  12. She never was looking for her kid. Everyone assumed she was looking for the kid!. She kept the child fed that’s why she always had that make shift “white” blood stained backpack on collecting the food for the child. She kept her child safe on the lowest level.

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