[Solved] Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver connect headset ,mobile phone Samsung galaxy s4

[Solved] Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver,Solving Steps, Download The Driver
connect headset ,mobile phone Samsung galaxy s4 s5 s6 s6 edge

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1. In the Bluetooth device window, right-click the phone icon and select ‘Properties’
2. Click ‘Hardware’ tab then ‘Properties’
3. Click ‘Change settings’
4. Select the ‘Driver’ tab, then ‘Update driver…’
5. Click the second option: “Browse my computer for driver software”
6. Click to choose the option “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
7. From the list “Common hardware types”, Select ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’
8. Two droplists appear. Choose ‘Microsoft’ in the “Manufacturer” list, then ‘Standard Serial over Bluetooth link’ in the “Model” list
9. A warning window pops up. Ignore it by clicking ‘Yes’
10. ‘Close’ and done!

#Download The ” Bluetooth Peripheral Device” to install it manually

#How to Manually install the Downloaded Driver
Apply the steps that are in the video first, and if you didn’t get the same menu like me then, download this

Download & extract it & try to install one of these drivers for your “peripheral ”
1-Open “Device Manager”
2-Right Click on your peripheral
3-Click “Update Driver”
4-Choose Browse my computer for driver software
5-browser for the folder that is the result of extracting the “bluetooth.rar” you have been downloaded
6-check the “Include sub-folders” option on the same window
7-click “next”
8-click “close”

#Another Solution using a third party software
1-Un-install your current version (BlueSoleil 10) first
2-Download and install this :

3-Add these registry keys by double click:

4-Add the following to your host file:
go to
open it with notepad
Paste this at the end of the file: license.bluesoleil.com license2.bluesoleil.com license3.bluesoleil.com www.bluesoleil.com
5-Prevent the following files form connecting to the Internet via windows Firewall:
(go to firewall turn it on,then choose advanced settings,select outbound,select new rule,program,browse for these files in bluesoleil installation folder,block the connection.give it any name,finish”Do this with each file”)
6-Restart Your PC.
7-Run the bluesoleil Now & Teset It.

#Another Solution
Too much work. Follow my instructions its way easy. Go to this site and download the driver which suits your OS ( ). Instal the driver and go to your Device manager and right click on Bluetooth Peripheral Device and update driver..search driver online..thats all. you are done. You’ll see that problem is fixed. Feel free to ask me for any help regarding this issue. Sorry Adel for posting this here. I thought this might help others solve their issue.

#Another solution 2

# 3


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  1. Why, have you got an army on your tail? What's the freaking hurry can't you do a video and a little bit slower so people can follow? It's the most ridiculous video I have seen in a freaking long time, can't f** make it at least 3 to 4 minutes? Are you all on speed or something?

  2. yeah..whoah…hangon…0:33….screen is out of view….what screen are you on there? I have no bluetooth peripheral device listed at that point

  3. Will this work for bluetooth speakers? My computer recognizes the Bluetooth chip, but when I try to pair I get the peripheral device error.

  4. Oh man, thank you, you are a GOD! Sorry, I over did it there 🙂 But you are amazing. You saved me from a tremendous headache!

  5. Thank you very much, that worked !
    System – Beats X headphones, Windows 7 SP1 64bit.

    Didn't work – Mobile Device support articles on Microsoft and other driver blogs.

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