Snowball vs Yeti: Battle of the Budget Blues

Blue Snowball:
Blue Yeti:
Rogue Amoeba Loopback:

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41 thoughts on “Snowball vs Yeti: Battle of the Budget Blues

  1. Why does the yeti have this ring in the background or buzz it cinda reminds me of apple headphone when you plug it in to a controller or a default Xbox 360 mic

  2. I don't see any differences within these two microphones, but the Blue Yeti sounds less rich, is more expensive, and has a buzzing noise. I'll take the Snowball any day, but those who use the Yeti are great too if you can fix the buzzing!

  3. People say get super close to the mic. However, you sound better when you're not. So which is it? Trying to record the right way.

  4. There's a weird like hissing or electric noise on the yeti, mine doesn't have one but having my headphones in i can hear it when you switch between them, having said that i do prefer the yeti from the snowball

  5. I have headphones on and I can clearly hear a ringing/frequency noise on the Yeti. Probably because it's really old, but either way, the Snowball's audio is a little more thicker and has more bass. Get the Yeti Pro or Nano.

  6. Hey um i have the neewer-700 i plan on upgrading it because it has a background static like noise that you would get from a radio thats really annoying but from all the research and reviews ive seen about this microphone all of them were fine but my was bad so i have to lower my mic volume so yeah either i fix it or get a fancy microphone which is gonna break my budget. ( i know this is off topic)

  7. You rock, thanks!

    I have questions, please. I've got a Blue Yeti. However, my recordings don't sound like yours. I'm using garage band and iMovie. Is it possible to get similar quality audio that you're getting with iMovie and Garage Band, or do I need different software?


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