Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Stealth Gameplay: The Sabotage

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Stealth Gameplay featuring The Sabotage DLC’s first Stealth Missions on Challenge mode.

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About the game:
Go behind enemy lines with the ultimate modern military shooter. Play as an American sniper dropped in Georgia, near Russian border. Choose your own path to accomplish your missions across an unforgiving open world.

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26 thoughts on “Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Stealth Gameplay: The Sabotage

  1. About half way through, on the night shooting I heard 'Daniel Craig' (Casino Royale Film star) say "I think i heard something." Fantastic twist to the game!

  2. I want to download this game how or from which site can I download it and whether it can be downloaded and played on the phone

  3. Cho mình hỏi game này có tải về đt được ko Iphoen , nếu được cho mình xin link tải hoặc thế nào đó. Cám ơn trước

  4. 1:35 jumps of 2 billion feet landing with no problem and then jumps on the building and he moaned… #fucklogic 😛

  5. Voice actors have done a horrible job. In the beginning of the video the guy interrogates the dude and voices are terrible. No emotions, and no struggle from the guy being choked. Also in the beginning the guy jumps on a container that was at least 6-10 m lower and not even a grunt.

  6. Говнище ,что хуже второй части!!!вторую прошел на всех уровнях сложности и не по одному разу!!!!но судя по этому ролику с третьей разрабы лажанули!!!!даже досматривать не стану!!!

  7. How you can stabing with knife in bullet proof vest????
    Eeehh the game isn t so real is like Anime Disney ,he jump from 20 metters and nothing happen ,he kill with knife in bulletproofvest hahahahhaha ,and many things

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