SEGA Heroes BLUE STAR SONIC UNLOCKED PART 114 Gameplay Walkthrough – iOS / Android

SEGA presents the BEST new RPG of 2018! Download the ultimate SEGA battle today!

Collect legendary heroes from your favorite SEGA games.  Build an all-star team in this mash-up of epic proportions. Upgrade your heroes and match gems to unleash their signature attacks in action-packed battles!

The mysterious and powerful Dremagen has discovered the SEGA universe and hatched an evil plot to bring it into her dominion. With the help of Dr. Eggman Robotnik, Dremagen traps Sonic the Hedgehog and SEGA’s mightiest heroes from GOLDEN AXE, SHINOBI, STREETS OF RAGE and more in her negative dimension. Now YOU must help the SEGA Heroes face off against  Dremagen and her evil army of clones and do battle with the likes of Dr. Eggman Robotnik, Mr. X, and Death Adder. 

Play live events, go on new adventures and earn special rewards       
Battle other players for supremacy in the arena
Join a guild and play with friends
Upgrade your heroes to unlock powerful special abilities

Sonic The Hedgehog
Streets of Rage
Golden Axe
Super Monkey Ball
Jet Set Radio
Phantasy Star
New SEGA Heroes released every month!

Battle classic SEGA bosses and minions in tactical Match-3 combat
Go on an epic adventure through SEGA history, as you build an all-star team
Battle famous bosses including Dr. Eggman and Mr. X
Enter Survival mode to see how far you can go
Complete puzzles and progress through tons of levels

Your ultimate SEGA squad is waiting. Join the adventure now!

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11 thoughts on “SEGA Heroes BLUE STAR SONIC UNLOCKED PART 114 Gameplay Walkthrough – iOS / Android

  1. Had you ever try guilds it new Update you can create your own Guilds team My Guilds team name is Light SEGA Lord

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