Sakura(Cherry Blossoms) Nobake Cheesecake

i made Sakura(cherry blossoms)nobake cheesecake!;)
now,Japan is Hanami(cherry-blossom viewing) season.

this time,i use homemade sakura shaped soba bolo cookies!
how to make sakura shaped soba bolo(buckwheat cookies)

sakura soba bolo(you can use other cookies)
1tbsp instant gelatin powder(melt with 50ml hot water)
200g cream cheese
200ml fresh cream
60g sugar
2-3 tbsps lemon juice

1tbsp instant gelatin
150ml hot water
sake(rice wine) if desired
natural food color
salted cherry flowers
1tbsp sugar

the mold size is about 5.9in
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20 thoughts on “Sakura(Cherry Blossoms) Nobake Cheesecake

  1. Springtime green tea mousse cake by youtube channel chip khan food. All natural ingredients. Looks better. Tastes better.

  2. I have seen a video of the real cherry blossom cheese cake. It does not contain food colouring or cookies and contains some ingredients like ginger. It looked better and I'm sure it tasted better as well

  3. anyone know where I can find salted cherry blossoms?

    UPDATE: got them off of amazon. I made this cake and it’s delicious! Rinse the blossoms of the salt first before topping them on the cake like you’re really gonna need to rinse them well. Even soak them. I went a bit further and also put dried rose buds that you use for rose tea on it

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