RIDGID 18 Volt HYPER OCTANE Bluetooth Battery Review and Instructional

RIDGID 18 Volt HYPER OCTANE Bluetooth Battery review and instructional


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RIDGID18-Volt HYPER OCTANE Bluetooth 6.0Ah Battery Pack

Connect to octane tool for 65% more power
Includes: 18V 6.0Ah HYPER OCTANE battery 3-year limited warranty
RIDGID introduces the Hyper Octane 6Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack. This new and improved battery provides 4x runtime over standard lithium-ion batteries. With Octane functionality, these batteries communicate with RIDGID Octane Tools to deliver maximum performance in high demand applications. With Bluetooth Technology these batteries open up the jobsite to new levels with abilities to set Push Notifications, Security Features, and Battery Status Updates. This Battery is backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty.


20 thoughts on “RIDGID 18 Volt HYPER OCTANE Bluetooth Battery Review and Instructional

  1. I just got the impact and drill combo from Home Depot for $190 came with a 6ah and 3ah octane with octane guns. Super excited to start using them.

  2. ive had nothing but problems with my octane batteries pairing. they pair but wont update the app regularly, and as of now, jan 2020 ive had the 4 octane batteries for over a year and they havent updated the app in months, and several wont even turn on the bluetooth blue pairing light on the battery anymore. i have reached out to ridgid initially and they replaced one batt, only to have the same problem, and i have called support, they have said multiple times they will get back to me but never do. there are references on the ridgid forum to people having problems with the bluetooth. i have made several videos on the problem but youtube ranks them really low in search results for some reason. anyone else here find a solution to this bluetooth issue?

  3. I can't get my battery to pair I have tried draining it completely and also tried a different phone all together still not working anyone else having this problem

  4. You can only tack the battery if you are in the distance of blue tooth. Now if they really put in tracking then they would have to add wireless or gps or GSM. I really want to know if you can go some where and leave your battery and then try to track it from about a mile away.

  5. The tracking is completely useless. You can only track it and lock it when you're connected to it. So once you are further than your Bluetooth range, unless you previously locked your battery, its fair game.

  6. That's pretty cool battery setup I just got my batteries a couple days ago I'm going to have to try it out thanks for the video

  7. Great review! Now you can screw with your buddies on the worksite by cutting off their tools in the middle of working!!

    Liked and subscribed, cheers from S.C.!!

  8. You've got to lock your batteries BEFORE they are stolen. They cannot be tracked down once stolen, and cannot connect to your phone when out of range. They can tell you their last location ONLY! Keep that in mind! So lock it first, you cannot track them down, you cannot lock it, you can only do it BEFORE the theft occurs. Greets bro!

  9. It’ll tell you where it was last seen, but Home Depot salesman are full of shit telling me I can shut it off and lock it if it gets stolen. You can lock it and make it a brick until you unlock it again, but not once it is out of range. If it’s not in range of Bluetooth, all of this does not work at all. So don’t let Home Depot sales people tell you you can track it down. You cannot track it down.

  10. Anyone know what the difference between an octane 6ah battery that has the words 'hyper' on it and a 6ah octane that doesn't have that word on it?

  11. What would be cool you know how we press the button lights up to show how much juice there is.. Would like to have a button for Temp incase the cells are to hot it dont retard itself & stop working till i get a replacement or take the battery apart n fix it

  12. Also this is the queerest thing ive ever seen.. NO Fkin Thank you ill take that 5ah one though.. Looks like an extra 10 things that can go wrong and stop the battery from working.. I think theres to many problems as is in these new batterys now you just paid for more problems.. I promise you a person thats soso with tech can disable that "Tracking" BS

  13. I would bet theres gonna be a youtube video of a kid locking that battery & he takes it apart & will beable to use it again in.. Also if someone does steal that & There not smart enough to disable the "Tracking" all they have to do is wrap the battery in aluminum foil Really good Go Ahead try it out lol No more signal, No more bluetooth i could be wrong i dont have one but you wrap a cell phone in aluminum no more signal Oh & Make sure you tape of the connections Before adding aluminum foil

  14. A lot of tech and features is a lot to go wrong. RIDGID batteries are covered by the LSA warranty but it can still take about 10 days to get a replacement. "Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should". Last years L.A. Tech show featured a wi-fi toilet seat, but do I really need to be able to raise and lower my toilet seat with an app when I'm out of the country? The only feature that might be useful is the GPS tracking, especially if I could track my stolen truck if my RIDGID battery is in the truck, but it looks like the tracking is very limited to the bluetooth connection of 30 to 50 feet. Forget the features and lower the price of the batteries.

  15. All this location GPS and anti theft is bull shit. How to you track the battery if it isn't next to your phone via bluetooth??? It only works if its connected next to you.. and you already know where it is. Is there something I'm missing? Give that battery to a friend and tell him to drive off with it. There is no way you can track it . I've tried. Shame on you ridgid.😴

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