Review: DZ09 Bluetooth SmartWatch with Camera

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Time for another review of a very inexpensive DZ09 Bluetooth SmartWatch with Camera!

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42 thoughts on “Review: DZ09 Bluetooth SmartWatch with Camera

  1. It would really help if you reviewers would show things like opening the USB charging port, or opening the battery compartments on other devices…you reviewers always skip the basics of setup, assuming people won't run into problems…and opening the battery cover and/or charging port without damaging the device IS a problem on quite a few devices.

    The watch I've got I can't open the USB port easily and I can't tell which end of the cover is the end with the hinge, so I've got a 50% chance of destroying the plastic hinge on the port cover when I have to pry it open with a tool.

    Five seconds each demonstrating the access methods to things like charging port, battery port, etc is all it would take to help folks in such situations.

    I'm finding that on many cheap devices…and some expensive ones…the "user manual" does NOT address such petty details.

    It's also review worthy as some devices are MUCH better designed to allow a user fast and easy/tool-less access to the internal elements of the system for things like SIM and memory cards, the battery, etc. Others can even require special tools like Torx or security screws, and similar.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. I have got an interesting idea. If you user the watch as a phone can you share the watches data with an deactivated phone via bluetooth? I know since phones can share data via bluetooth. Wondering if the watch can

  3. Did you find out how long does the battery lasts and how much time is spend connected to obtain a full charge? Thanks!!

  4. I bought one off Wish for $13 exactly the same. It arrived today, the right up says it doesn't work well with Apple iPhones, this could be why your functions are limited.

  5. Cheap smart watch are just same thing with different looks. They even using same software. DZ09, Q18, U8, U9 and others……

  6. I have a pair of headphones with usb to plug instead of charging the cellwatch u can listen to fm that simple, also if u want to use it as a standalone buy a 2g sim card.

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