R.I.P. Love Park | Philly Loses an Iconic Skate Spot

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Skateboarding was banned in Philadelphia’s iconic Love Park over 10 years ago. On February 10th, the mayor lifted the ban to honor the park’s skate history one last time before its permanent close on February 15, 2016. These are those final days.


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22 thoughts on “R.I.P. Love Park | Philly Loses an Iconic Skate Spot

  1. It was a damn shame but getting to skate it during its final days felt amazing we even got pieces of the ground still that we broke to remember it by r.i.p love

  2. I started skating Love park around 1986 when skating was still a mystery to most people…hung out at Spikes Skates a lot off of South St… man those were the daysv

  3. RIP Love Park… I always wanted to skate there, but I guess I’ll never get the chance to. Oh well, at least there are nice videos of people skateboarding there.

  4. Must have watched the Subzero video 94 on vhs 1000xs, would have love 2 c n person n its heyday! rip

  5. Even though its a year ago they tore it down… i feel kinda sad that i will never ever get to skate my dream skate spot in my life….

  6. Damn I remember old contest vids early 90s with Spencer fujimo, Jamie Thomas before was a household name,Bam Margera at 11 years old with the fakie kid ripper tricks, easter exposure with Ricky oyola Givin the wired for sound guided tour with like 30 takes Flippin out cuz it wasn't easy to talk in the mic and bust a flawless run obstacles to obstacles, fools like Quim Cardona comin through with power and style for days, Donny barley Killin the whole shit, respectfully stevie Williams and Josh kalis puttin all of Philadelphia not just love on the skate world's radar through vhs and cutouts tacked to the wall,all comers try a take there place in history by busting anything they could down the fountain gap, cameos,intros from the roots beat boxin to keep shit real,Anthony poppa and Brian wenning dedicated to being the next generation through technical artwork on a deck, then doing just that and seemingly with the eaz setting new standards in versatility and consistency, and finally every pro worth there sand bringin there own flavor to LOVE getting mad love from the city of brotherly love. I'm killa Cali from birth n back to earth, but got Hella memories through time from a place I ain't never been. skateboarding does that. R.I.P. LOVE PARK, HUBBA HIDEOUT,WALLENBERG and many more legendary spots. if u got one in your town get down before it's torn down! my bad for the endless comment. Keep Rollin kids it's your world!

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