NOX VS BLUESTACKS VS MEMU VS KOPLAYER VS LDPLAYER Top 5 Best Gaming Android Emulator for windows PC

Watch the whole video and decide which you’ll use.

KOPLAYER is a best & free Android Emulator for pc that enables all Android games and apps to run smoothly in Windows systems. It built on x86 Architecture, support advanced features like OpenGL & hardware acceleration, run faster, more stability and compatibility than other Android Emulators. KOPLAYER Android Emulator for pc support multiple accounts, video recording, gamepad & keyboard, and internal integrated Google Play store to compatible with all apps, more than 99% apps & games Running perfect on KOPLAYER.

About NOX
Play apk on PC with best Android Emulator – free Nox App Player. Be compatible with Windows, and faster.

About MEMU
MEmu is the fastest free Android Emulator to play mobile games on PC. It provides extreme performance and superb experience.

About Bluestacks
Open Multiple Games and Apps at the Same Time in High Definition. Download Now! Play Games On Your PC. Android Games On PC. Save Data & Battery Life. High Performance On PC. Free Software. Android Emulator On PC. Brands: The Walking Dead, Game of War, King of Avalon.

LDPlayer,The best android emulator for windows(windows 10 & windows7).Free download it to play android games & android apps on PC.
Instead of making a comparison video between two emulator like nox vs bluestacks nox vs memu nox vs koplayer nox vs andy nox vs ldplayer bluestacks vs memu bluestacks vs nox bluestacks vs koplayer bluestacks vs andy bluestacks vs ldplayer bluestacks memu vs bluestacks memu vs nox memu vs koplayer memu vs andy memu vs ldplayer koplayer vs bluestacks koplayer vs memu koplayer vs nox koplayer vs andy koplayer vs ldplayer ldplayer vs bluestacks ldplayer vs memu ldplayer vs nox ldplayer vs koplayer ldplayer vs andy andy vs bluestacks andy vs memu andy vs nox andy vs koplayer andy vs ldplayer nox vs bluestacks vs memu vs koplayer vs ldplayer I made a Top 5 Best Gaming Android Emulator for windows PC blah blah the end.


48 thoughts on “NOX VS BLUESTACKS VS MEMU VS KOPLAYER VS LDPLAYER Top 5 Best Gaming Android Emulator for windows PC

  1. just wanted to say i think all of them have viruses or web injectors because avast found some bad stuff in LDplayer. I would be safe and not download any emulator. EVEN THE TENCENT. tencent has an ad injector.

  2. My pubg run in NOx …super smooth but free fire can't run on any emulator …….I try all emulator but free fire can't run properly have mouse sensitivity issue …..plz give me solution……

  3. hi – which emulator would you recommend for a low-end spec system (for my silly laptop); NOX seems too slow for it

  4. I have 4gb RAM, Intel i3 7th Gen Laptop, I wanna play Mobile Legends, which one of the top 3 Emulator you mentioned would be lightweight?

  5. I've been using LD Player but ther are some new games that's out and I actually have to have more than one emulators on my desktop in order to play the other games. I don't know it's a local issue or if the connection is blocked. For Harry Potter I was able to play the game just fine and then I was hit with the beta testing message even though the game is out ofr a while now. It's weird because on my iphone I don't get that message at all. Also there's a new Japanese mobile game called Fantasy Earth Genesis..I can't connect to the damn server and my client would crash when is start it up. Even though most of my games that I have and play is on LD Player I have to use other emulators to play those..its a bit annoying because I'm a creature of habit I would prefer to only use one all purpose emulator.

  6. Honestly you're the best youtuber at doing this, all others is just like showing one or two footage of real comparing and talking shits until it's 10 min for money, but here, I see good script and a bunch of real-time comparing.

  7. im playing dragonestm and i using nox and bluestacks atm. both emulator has bugs on dpad. sometimes it doesnt move. should i try LDPlayer?

  8. From what I've experienced with BlueStacks it's absolutely horrible in comparison to MEmu, whilst I have not tried the others before. The last time I've used BlueStacks was more than two years ago though, so feel free to correct me if the problems that I'm about to mention are no longer present in today's BlueStacks.

    1) BlueStacks has a horrible amount of background services running (so many that I've forgot the exact number) whereas MEmusvc is the only background service of MEmu that's automatically running. Yes yes you can change all of those settings into not-automatic, but sometimes that'll make things simply not run (because Windows is stupid) when you run an executable that requires set services that are set to "manually".
    2) In BlueStacks you cannot type in the exact amount of CPU threads and RAM allocations in MBs in yourself, you have to choose from a finite amount of pre-given options.
    3) MEmu allows you to even type in the device model you like, hence you can type in any string of chars. You can also imagine your own phone number and IMEI as well as let it generate for you. BlueStack cannot do such things…
    4) You can generate or freely type in any MAC address you desire. It also allows you to configure your IPv4 settings freely. Last I remember BlueStacks wasn't that simple.
    5) Its keyboard support is superior over BlueStacks'
    6) MEmu's toolbar is much slimmer than BlueStacks, hence you'll be saving more screen space in Window mode.
    7) MEmu has far less bloatware in its Android and you can change your default Android Launcher into Nova Launcher for example, as long as you don't delete the original launcher it'll work fine. BlueStacks on the other hand doesn't allow you to change the default launcher without tons of crashes and headache, not to mention its bloatware aka forcing you to install crappy apps that you don't want.
    8) I did take a glimpse of BlueStacks' new webpage (didn't install it though) and saw that it runs Android 7.1.2 which MEmu does not by default. However,you can download and import Android 7.1.2 just as easily, so that's a tie.
    9) MEmu allows running multiple VMs at the same time and you can clone one as easily as clicking one single button. Last time I used BlueStacks this wasn't possible. Through a quick Google Search I saw that BlueStacks 3 should have such features now though. That said I'm not sure how flawless BlueStacks' implementation works though.
    10) MEmu's inferior SuperUser is easily replaceable by SuperSU whereas the BlueStacks I worked with made it an absolute hell to replace its built-in inferior SuperUser.
    11) MEmu's VMs can be exported into .ova files, which Virtualbox can run.

    That said though… I may get back to my own comment if I've one-day decided to try BlueStacks out again for the sake of seeing if it has improved sufficiently. Unfortunately that does not stop you from commenting me about any of my points being outdated, I'd definitely like to see that xD

  9. Nox has COUNTLESS bloatwares, and yet is the very worse of them all…. disgusting garbage, fuck Nox, i'm unnistalling right now!

  10. nox doesnt let me play fps games mapping them and then pressing the shoot button at the same as aiming makes the mouse go crazy

  11. I have done some benchmark test and I've got these score

    2352143 – LD Player
    415817 – Nox
    253106 – Blue Stacks

    Conclusion: LD Player > Nox > Blue Stacks

  12. Hey man, think you could reupload or fix the download link for the Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (payback graphics mod). It has an error whenever its being tried to download.

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