Mini USB Bluetooth CSR V4.0 dongle – Is it worth?

I just get this usb Bluetooth key and try it immediately.. It is the cheapest one on the market!!! from 1$ to 3$
And yeah it really work with no problem.. great stuff!!

Chack on the link below!

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20 thoughts on “Mini USB Bluetooth CSR V4.0 dongle – Is it worth?

  1. This was really helpful, thank you. Had one of these laying around for quite a while now.
    Now i have a NumPad working with this dongel. Also tested it with my usless Huawei pad
    tablet or whatever you call this… Thumb Up! 🙂

  2. If there's no "Microsoft Bluetooth LE enumerator" then it's not Bluetooth 4.0 – no BLE "Bluetooth Low Energy" support. It's actually a bluetooth 2.1 device – a fake.

  3. what's the names of the best laptops that can bluetooth the music that's on my phone or tablet over to my pc then I can download it to a cd. Yes I need a pc with a cd burner  ?

  4. seems theres people running it on incompetent microsoft drivers having it disconnect or limit distance.

    i am looking for the drivers though, windows 10 cannot see the device for what it is anyway
    not that i want the garbage half-drivers microsoft puts out

  5. A pergunta é… posso usar esse mesmo adaptador no som do carro com uma porta usb…de modo que eu sincronize ele ao
    celular com a finalidade apenas de reproduzir audio…sem precisar daqueles adaptador específico que usa além do usb..tambem a entrada p2

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