Maya & Carina *Read Description*

I have a hard time watching Station 19, unlike Grey’s Anatomy. I find all the characters a little… mergh?! Especially Maya… Despite her backstory, I can’t seem to enjoy nor invest in Maya. The only character I can tolerate is Andy but even then she too sometimes make me wanna bash my head against the wall! Or maybe that’s the effect the creators are going for?!




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23 thoughts on “Maya & Carina *Read Description*

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  2. after thinking about all the talk about 19,,i remembered ,,its the writers that need to go back to school,,they make the actors,,,so shame on the producers for letting things go by,,,try not to slam me to hard,, its what i think nothing more,,,

  3. The height difference tho 😍 if I ever got back to watching greys it will be for Carina but guess I'm starting station 19 till then lol

  4. urgh I HATE that you have to watch Station 19 if you don’t wanna miss anything about Grey’s. It’s not available in my country (yet) and so I can’t watch ANYTHING that’s not on youtube. At least in the Chicago series or the DC series you don’t have to watch both. Occasionally characters crossover but that’s only for insignificant stuff for the caracter, not anything important. An occasional full cross over event would be great but this?! I hate that I have to watch both shows to not miss anyting in Grey’s because I just can’t…

  5. Everyone seems pretty annoyed by station 19 but my problem is that I cant find it anywhere😥 where did you guys watch it??

  6. How did Carina ended up in station 19? She just ghosted in Arizona l. Did they resolve why she did that ?

  7. I love Maya and I love Carina…in theory I should love them together but this scene left me a little…their chemistry is off …or maybe I need to see their story evolving and not just a clip

  8. i agree with you weepy,,im so hooked on chicago fire,,but after that scene i better take a second look lol;)

  9. Why is Station 19 being forced upon us? Basically missing half of Greys because I refuse to watch that show. Not interested!

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