Maya & Carina – My Heart Wants You

Song: “My Heart Wants You” (not released) by Sonya L Taylor

These lyrics were sparked after I had an exchange with Elastic…the comment that stood out was that Carina would be “dumb to stay” and I decided to go into writing from that angle. The music is just so all over the place, but cool to me so I used it cause Maya is just all over the place..

Lyrics here:

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Music: Aakash Gandhi “Fusion of Dohl” (YouTube Library)
Lyrics: Sonya L Taylor (BMI)


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27 thoughts on “Maya & Carina – My Heart Wants You

  1. Is there no more scenes of maya and carina they look awesome together it will be a shame dying to know what happens to this lovely couple

  2. I love this two but i don't think i could forgive maya if it was me because when we love we don't treat on his partner and later throw it on her face as she mean nothing . But this video is a great job . Forgiveness is the most difficult think to do and love is the most beautiful and painful feelings . Thanks once more 👏👏

  3. Ooof♥️🥺🌈🥰🤩😍🤯😱🤯🥵🤣. Beautiful 😭🥺😭🥺😭.
    Need more Marina. It’s 2020 now 😭🥺😩😫😤😰😪🤕.
    Awesome Marina edit 🥺🥰.

  4. You trying pushing me maya? I'm slept wirh jack. Carina.. OMG.. This words so cruel.. 🤐🤐carina you have softly heart after all.. I'm Never Imagine.. Take back woman l love most.. After she's slept with Man!!.. Never ever.. Accept this behaviour.. Woman l love.. Only for me.. Her feeling, her body and everything about her only mind.. After we together l'm your's Forever.. This my princip… Not change until l die. I'm really love Woman..Never mind who it is… That's call pure love….

  5. What!!!! She crazy had someone deeply in love with dumbass taking you back!!! After told her slept with guy, ok,!!

  6. Unpopuler opinion..
    As much as I shipped them in first place, but I feel terrible with maya's cheating and the way she keep hurting carina.

    As Carina, why is it that easy for her to give maya another chance?
    I mean, after all things maya did, She should at least, let maya prove that she's changed and commit just wanna be with carina.

    I can not get it.

  7. All I know that Jack was very lucky guy to have fun with her and yes i would love to invite to be with both of them. They are very beautiful ladies.

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