Logitech K480 Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard Update

Get your Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard from amazon through the link below:

Here is an update on the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard: K480. This keyboard is designed to work with computers, tablets and smartphones(Android, iOS, and Windows). Enjoy!


40 thoughts on “Logitech K480 Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard Update

  1. how do i press send on my messaging app? i have it hooked up to my phone right now and the typing is seemless, but idk which button will actually send a message lol

  2. I bought this keyboard at Best Buy. I use it with my Samsung Galaxy Tab a tablet. I bought the White Version it works great pairing up easy. It's not really heavy at all and you can throw it in your bookbag or if you have a big purse no problem. The only thing that I do not like it you have to have two Triple-A batteries so always make sure to have extra cuz you never know when your battery may run out if you use it a lot or you can buy yourself rechargeable batteries that you can recharge with the rechargeable dock that you plug into the Outlet and let your batteries charged and then put them back in your keyboard. The one downfall about this keyboard is that they didn't make a port for you to plug an outlet to the keyboard so you wouldn't have to keep using batteries. But otherwise I give it a thumbs up.

  3. I do have a question. I see the internet symbol on F12…how do I activate it? I’ve tried the control, alt, and function keys. If anyone could help. Thanks.

  4. I just bought this for $28 at Office Depot….I love it. I have it connected to my iPhone iPad MacBook. I definitely recommend this keyboard.

  5. Yes typing on it is less than optimal. Something else that's frustrating about this K480: pairing it on an Android device. The keyboard itself is AZERTY BUT the default keyboard layout is QUERTY, guess to allow you to type in the numeric code (ultrafast or you get incorrect pin error without even typing a pin after like 3 seconds!) without the need to hold shift. Tried at least 10 times, had to clear BT cache and storage along the way and then it FINALLY worked. Well thank you a bunch illogitech for not mentioning this anywhere in a detailed way. I was just about to throw that shit in the bin but now I'm happy to be typing on it, albeit as if walking on cobblestones. Not buying logitech anymore after this.

  6. I'm looking for keyboard with holder for tablet, but my headphone often work unstable when several wifi/blueooth devices work nearly. Did you try use wireless headphone while use this or another bluetooth keyboard?

  7. I have tried other Bluetooth keyboards with my Asus tablet, and this is the one I stuck with. I use it on the road and it fits well in my computer case, so no worries there. The only issue I have is that the power switch is on the bottom. Everything else is on the top… so why not the power switch? I have to take the tablet off the keyboard to turn it over and shut it off.

  8. Love this keyboard with my IOS devices. Feels like a mechanical keyboard. I am able to type very fast using this keyboard on my computer, phones, and tablets. Yea productivity.

  9. l love, love it. I got it from Staples. The folks were so accommodating l bought it on the spot instead of waiting for a sale. I got to try before l buy, which inspired the confidence to buy. It worked with the default Gboard in Android 5 of the first-gen Moto, didn't have to download new software or anything! Almost plug and play. Best feature: the aforementioned virtual keyboard can be configured to work concurrently with the physical keyboard! I've become the laziest typist ever; l don't ever lookup anything in a dictionary anymore because of text prediction. Some desktop shortcuts work in some applications. I successfully paired this also with PS4 and an aging iPad. Verdict: With this keyboard, l feel that I'm getting so much more value out of my existing phones and tablets. You can turn any potential large screen device into a workstation, a proper computer! Even more so if the device supports multiple application Windows like split screen. The keyboard with its bulk, reminds me of a typewriter lite, if you know what l mean but still portable, siding comfortably on my lap. You add a screen (smartphone or tablet) and the two units become almost laptop like. It's truly astonishing. Even a mid range phablet will do the job. Worth getting at full price. If you buy this on a crazy great price during a shopping holiday (about half price judging from past price records the clerk informed me) this becomes a stocking stuffer.

    There are also a range of versions of multi device Bluetooth keyboards by Logitech and they're all worth investigating. I bought another one, also at full price, the K780 as a gift

  10. I occasionally have multitype and lagging problems when switching between PC, Samsung android tablet and samsung Note hp. anyone can help???????

  11. It works with my Windows laptop. It doesn't work with my Android Galaxy Note 3. When I pair, the phone displays the number momentarily and then goes away. You can type the number on the keyboard after it goes away, but it still will not pair. Normally on keyboards when the number pops up, it stays up until you type the number in and press <enter>

  12. Toda la ayuda@cursocms2017.com.ar para que mi teclado loguitech k480 se conecte con mis dipocitivos correctamemente sansumg GALAXY

  13. I use it and I am happy with it.  You taught me something new, though, I did not know that I can use it to type a document in my cell phone.  I sure am going to try it.  Thank you

  14. I love the concept and I'm sure it would be really useful but it's so incredibly ugly and cheap looking. Looks like a children's educational toy.

  15. For me, I was looking for a replacement for my Mac mini, haven't really missed out on a full sized keyboard. Started looking at what was out there, I like that it has some weight, good for either desktop or using on your lap. Definitely compliments and adds to using an iPad. Most people aren't lugging this around everyday but if I'm traveling it fits good into my bag, overall for $30 it's an excellent keyboard.

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