LAZY DAYS (Vlog.7)

I really hope you enjoyed this vlog of me doing virtually nothing for four days! that’s not true, i saw friends, spent time with my true love (rocky), so i had fun!

please tell me in the comments what you did over the weekend! i love reading the comments so so much!

i love you all endlessly~


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29 thoughts on “LAZY DAYS (Vlog.7)

  1. Relaxing is productive. That's a truth you have to start telling yourself. Relaxing is the best way to be effectively productive in other things so relaxing in and of it's self is a productive task.

  2. OK FUCKING WAIT, i found his ig because he replied to another comment saying that he thinks the songs are about him too, its heathispieces on instagram

  3. i have a strong feeling conan and him had something more than just friends. i search his instagram through conan's, and i didnt found him. it'd be weird of friends wouldn't follow each other like that. but anyways, i wish all the best for our soft boy conan <3

  4. hey conan, im rewatching all ur old videos in 2019 because im sad and u make me happy 🙂 i know u won’t see this, but im so proud of how far u have come! ur like.. famous now. i love u! ur doing amazing! thank you for everything

  5. Dear, Conan

    You are the most inspiring person I have ever seen and your videos give me so much hope for the coming day I love watching your videos and listening to your music they are so amazing. I wish that I would be able to come to one of your concerts and be able to touch you just to make sure that it is possible for such a kind, caring person could really exist . I love you so much and I hope that you get to see this comment and hopefully it will make you very happy. I am happy that you got into a good collage. And are surrounded by so many good people. I love you so so so much Conan and I hope that I will get to meet you someday, I love you so much Conan

    Anna hilley

  6. Im here coz of greek god,lookalike and The King. but I think its not for heat coz he said he love this person since when he saw them in geometry class so 🤔 i think its not for him

  7. i love seeing u chilling without doing anything special or exciting. You give me a good vibe so i'm so into watching u just lay there, chill out and play w cat,etc 😊

  8. May 26, 2019

    okay its alrwady midnight here but i love watching u. i hope to see more vlogs pls i miss u! idle town clips lovin it more n more

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