Kim Jong Un under treatment after surgery: report

According to a South Korean media report, Kim Jong Un is receiving treatment after undergoing a cardiovascular procedure earlier this month, amid speculation over his health after his absence from a key anniversary event last week.


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39 thoughts on “Kim Jong Un under treatment after surgery: report

  1. Kim Jong Un will get recovering soon, 加油💪加油💪加油💪

  2. The report is entirely accurate, except for one crucial detail: It was Kim Jong Un who performed a cardiovascular procedure and gave treatment to his surgeon earlier this month. Even the country's best medical experts could not help the surgeon, and he had to step in and share his infinite medical wisdom and unsurpassed skill to save his loyal subject. As always, Kim Jong Un's health remains without question totally perfect, and there is no one in the world who could be found to be healthier than him.

  3. I am truly disappointed that everyone is so mean and cruel. Why are you all cursing others to die? It’s evil to do so.

  4. Of course he had to undergo a cardiovascular surgery because he's very fat & obese. His nation is starving & he's over eating, drinking the finest & most expensive wines & champagne. Very gluttonous, selfish man.

  5. North Korea probably would like to see Kim recover. He is young and have family. The mean people seldom die young.

  6. As the Lord shows me that his father before died left secret agents even of him there to kill him, in case he is going to wrong ways, they will kill him for sure, and some other member of the family will lead, the secrets of the secrets there, maybe that is why he also started to kill some members of the family, trying to destroy the secret his father left about kill him, but that could be his mistake,

  7. He won't have to worry about being brain dead, hes always been that, "overworked" what a joke that fat POS wouldn't work in an iron lung.

  8. Hopefully many world despots and dictators can fall sick and drop dead this year, it would be good riddance to bad rubbish of useless leaders robbing their citizens and raping their economies.

  9. realistically Trump is thinking "look how much older I am and I'm in way better shape" when he should be thinking "if it can happen to someone that young…" but he won't. so we should.

  10. Subsequent South Korean reports cited by Twitter user @HeeShin deny that KJU is in critical condition. Also on Twitter, @AP cites South Korean sources who claim they can't even confirm that KJU underwent surgery. Note that DKNews, which is operated by North Korean defectors, is funded by the U.S. Government. Wait for further confirmation in coming days and weeks. Note that North Korean media waited 2 months to report Kim Jong Il's death in 2011 and will similarly withhold news about any changes in KJU's health.

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