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Could this be the best option for budget “wireless” bluetooth earphones?

T110BT features:
JBL Pure Bass Sound
6-hour battery life/Recharges in 2 hours
Magnetic cable management
3 button remote mic

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best budget jbl bluetooth wireless in-ear headset review



  1. Do not move your arms when putting down the dumbells because it loses the momentum when putting ur arms down, better use the incline bicep curl chair. Lol

  2. JBL T110BT doesn't have strong connectivity, even in 2–3 meter is starts disconnecting with even a person between you and device.

    Update: after using for some days I found out that volume gets to Max automatically. Which can do harm to your ears.

  3. Maybe you can help out? I just brought these and I can’t get it to switch on?
    The light glows when charging over night. So it should be full charged.?
    It worked once and now it’s 2 Nd time of wanting to use and I can’t get it to work? White light is on and back on charge?? Anyone with useful advice pls

  4. Worst design ever. It's not wireless. It has a stupid ass fucking cord which dangles behind your neck, or in the front. This cord is decently heavy, so you will constantly feel pressure on your earbuds as they want to fall out of your ears. If you use these headphones, be prepared to look like a fucking moron. And don't even think about walking around while wearing them, because like I said, the useless heavy cord will pull on your ears all the time.

  5. only problem with those is the weak ass cable, especially the part where it connects to the controls/the 2 box things. my last 2 pairs always had the cable break there.

  6. just noticed on mine the volume up & down buttons are opposite when worn correctly the top volume button is volume down & bottom is volume is up…pretty fkn stupid JBL if you ask me, what you paying your testers for?…but simply replace the buds for better ear fit & better noise cancellation…but i do agree as you said the wire is a tiny bit too long, leaves a lot of slack wire hanging around your neck…but im pretty happy with mine, making these my new most used earphones…sound and bass are acceptable quality EVEN BY MY STANDARDS!…so if thinking about buying these all else i can say if like me these will be your 1st bluetooth earphones experience my thoughts are definitely worth the price but id say replace the ear buds with your old preferred set and dont be too impressed with the battery life…all in all a thumbs up id say! 🙂

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