Japanese Toppo Chocolate! MEH! [Day 18]

25 Japanese Snacks in 25 Days! Day 18:

Welcome to day 18 of my 8th annual advent December vlogs. I make videos every December from the 1st until Christmas to celebrate Japan, Christmas and all things awesome!
This year I will be trying 25 different Japanese snacks. One per day!
Also make sure to watch all the videos for your chance to win the entire snack pack of all the snacks I introduce!

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19 thoughts on “Japanese Toppo Chocolate! MEH! [Day 18]

  1. Muna …yeah your right you can just a few of these but I always love indian halwa 🙂
    Great opining!….is there new calbee or from another brand new flavoured potatoe chips out this season?

  2. In the usa they sell toppo as "pockys friend" it says it on the box! It's good. Not as good as those small pockies, you know the half sized ones!

  3. Awesome video Awesome! Hey tell Muna to back off and Sayaku to focus on her future. Lol. Thanks for the laugh!

  4. The reverse Pocky should be called Coppy xD How does it come that Sayaku and Muna have never met before? oO

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