How To Run Android On Any PC & Mac For FREE! BlueStacks

This program allows any Windows or Apple Mac to run Android OS with the Play Store! Download millions of APPS on your desktop!

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Best Smartphone Protection & Accessories –


1. Rodecaster Pro –
2. Studio Microphone –
3. SONY a7iii –
4. Panasonic G7 –
5. Camera Microphone –
6. Mic Boom Arm –
7. Studio Lights –
8. Tripod Travel –
9. Quick Release –
10. Back Pack –

1. Nano Leaf Lights –
2. Digital Pixel Frame –
3. RGB LED Lights –
4. Google Home MAX –
5. Blue Yeti Mic –
6. Tivoo Pixel TV –
7. Wi-Fi Smart Plugs –
8. Projector Screen –
9. Digital Clock –
10. Portable Speaker –

Workstation and Gaming PC –

1. 4k LG Monitor –
2. Ultrawide Monitor –
3. Game Recorder –
4. Headphones –
5. Keyboard –
6. Mouse –
7. Xbox One S –
8. Elite controller –
9. PlayStation 4 slim –
10. Nvidia Shield TV –

– Daily TECH!:
1. Projector TV –
2. Mini Fridge –
3. LG 4k OLED TV –
4. Security Cams –
5. Smart Watch –
6. Yi DashCam –
7. Google Wifi –
8. Portable USB Monitor –
9. Portable Power Station –
10. Air Purifier –

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48 thoughts on “How To Run Android On Any PC & Mac For FREE! BlueStacks

  1. all this time could of been playing clash of clans, but my Accounts for that game is on a mac, and i now have a PC, dang it will have to start all ova

  2. I typed in my password on to the computer and then immediately end up on someone's phone. Is that the emulator or did I get hacked?

  3. I triad Nox and it couldn't run alot of programs i had to run. It been awhile so maybe nox has gotten better. I use bluestacks and ive never had a problem. Ive been watching my flixstik apk on it flawlessly.

  4. With BlueStacks can you do Samsung Galaxy store so like download games that are on Samsung galaxy and not android play store??

  5. how u delete it bc i feel bad for my computer so i try to delete it but it did not work because windows defer its wont let me

  6. thats a trash program. my computer was perfectly working and this program turned my computer a trash. dont download this program. go download memu or nox.

  7. Snapchat stopped working on all the android emulators like bluestacks, nox, memu and windroy I beleive through windows 10. Snapchat still works on my tablet or any mobile device but just not on an android emulator through windows 10. Also I tried with aptoide but I heard it's a peice of crap because it contains malware. Does anybody know a way of how I can check all of my apps through Windows 10 android emulator including Snapchat just like how I would through a mobile device?

  8. Bluestacks is a horrendous app.for a Mac; inconsistent, slow and a nightmare to install. And since Bluestacks offers NO customer support whatsoever it's waaaay more headache than the time spent to try to make it function on a Mac. Avoid at all cost.

  9. I need help there's a pop up that says "Please update your macOS to Sierra or above to install."
    If you are willing to help and know ways to fix this problem, Please feel free to share in any way at all!

    Ideas for helping:
    * Send a link to an existing video that will help me and other people who have this problem. =^-^=
    OR (*O*)
    * Explain clearly on how to fix the problems step by step. (OwO)/

    You may use your own technique as long as it's clear and other people and I can understand your technique.

    Important Note: Remember your not just helping me, your helping others that see this comment
    It will be surely appreciated by many people including me, Thank you for reading.

    – Xx Miku's Galaxies

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