How to Root Bluestacks ! Easy!

This will work for all versions of 0.9.X of bluestacks! You can also allocate bluestacks to use more than just 700MB of ram! This is a great tool better than BS MultiTools! I really do hope that this gets updated.

Root Kit

I decided to update all the videos with this link!
Note: This will work for what ever version you are trying to root!


Increase SD Card Size (System Partition)


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27 thoughts on “How to Root Bluestacks ! Easy!

  1. Process failed
    Note :
    Something Wrong Happen in Process, Process has Failed, Possible Reason :
    – Bluestacks Already Rooted, Make Sure Use Original Bluestacks Root.fs.
    – Bluestacks System is Unsquashed System, Please Check "Unsquashed System" Option.
    help me pleas

  2. Does it contain Virus? My chrome immediately stopped launching after running the program. Now I am reinstalling Chrome. Fuck you man, U r such a cheat

  3. Thx for the tutorial. May i ask a question? If my Bluestacks is already rooted the Bluestacks annoying ads promotion will gone?  Because everytime i play before doing this tutorial the annoying message ads will appear "To continue using Bluestacks -Purchase App Player Premium or Install Our Sponsored Apps of the Day" (example pic – )

    Any advice of removing that annoying ads permanently hehe Hoping for your response ^_^

  4. I followed the posted instructions and I did manage to increase the storage space so I can get freedom to work…it took a couple of tries, but it worked.

  5. hi after install root i install freedom after run freedom he show massage 
    root access is required to use freedom 
    and when open root chaker he is rooted plzz hlp

  6. Ok watch this video if you want to increase the storage space on bluestacks!

  7. People who are having problems with the amount of storage given on bluestacks im working on a video currently and there will be one coming soon!

  8. after I click "Proceed", I have this note"Process Cannot Start, Please Install Bluestacks and Select Original Bluestacks Root.fs First". How can I fix it

  9. Hi, thank you so much for your help!  I think you are an amazing YouTuber.  You seem extremely confident and it's obvious you know what you are doing, I believed you when you said you searched long and hard for this program because the only place I could find a working tutorial was right here on your video! 🙂
    And just a tip you might want to share in the description: If Chrome says it might be unsafe and gets rid of it, use FireFox to download the file from Mega.  Chrome told me it might be unsafe and got rid of the program without my permission.
    Silly Chrome!

  10. Quick question.  I rooted bluestacks, following your directions and it worked great!  However, I tried to install freedom apk on it, and when I try to run freedom, I get an error message telling me that I don't have enough room in the system partition.  How do I increase this?  Thanks.

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