How to root bluestacks! Easy!

The files below contain everything you need to root bluestacks so basically everything that was in the video 😀

Root Kit


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22 thoughts on “How to root bluestacks! Easy!

  1. i installed bluestack from main website and install also bseasy setup then after i couldn't found root.fs file in my directory but when i select autodect from installed bluestack then it appear on my bar afterwards i follow the steps …… last i saw that there is an error when i press proceed button.

    So what can i do in this situation can you tell me

    Bluestack Version 3.7.44
    Bseasy : V3.5

  2. hello good will that someone understands Spanish and English to please aga the same version of the video but I do not understand Spanish because help is the only video I see is good

  3. Works but i don't think any emulator can work with a dualshock 4 over bluetooth. Back to nox app player as it is pre rooted and you can change the resolution without any 3rd party tools.

  4. Thank helped a lot recommend the right
    best tutorial on the net for this rooting fully and giving BlueStacks even more ram Thank you!

  5. Great tutorial I got a Little worried when I couldn't find Program Data but I realized I needed to go up to the the top and show Hidden, wow this best tutorial on the net for this fully rooting and giving bluestacks even more ram Thanks!

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