How to play Pokemon GO with Bluestacks 2 on PC

Volume Warning @ 13:30 until I eventually mute it. Start date: 7/7/2016, level 13, CP 827 Pinsir. Not so much as a soft ban yet.

I spent the first day of Pokemon GO’s release figuring out how to make it work on my PC. After much trial and error, this is my method. Using an emulator or GPS spoofing may get you banned, but it’s my only method of playing currently. I haven’t seen anyone else offering answers, so here’s my solution. Please like or subscribe, because my broke ass needs that Youtube money. Please link to this video instead of blatantly stealing the steps, even if the production quality is crap. Sorry for the quality of the video, I’m feeling a little manic tonight and had a few beers to work up the nerve to record in the first place. Feel free to make fun of me in the comments.


BlueStacks Version

Developer Tools APK:

Pokemon GO APK:


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21 thoughts on “How to play Pokemon GO with Bluestacks 2 on PC

  1. You might want to try using tutu app version of pokemon go because it has a built in joystick walk and gps teleport and see if that works for you if that does not work there is always nox player

  2. it works fine but i have a problem with the app.. when i try to catch a pokemon and throw the pokeball it always crashes how can i solve it?

  3. I was able to walk around with AWSD for a long time, then I tried to tp a few hours away and got a soft ban now i cant use AWSD.. any idea how to re enable it? It was working like with any rpg not sure how but I wish to enable it again.

  4. So even though it works for me, my friend is having trouble making it work.Everything works fine GPS too but it doesnt show anything around even though location is set etc it just shows grass no roads or anything and there nothing around at all any suggestions?

  5. It works like a charm. It didnt work till i restarted bluestacks once completed all the steps and i was getting a little worried 😛

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