How to Install Bluetooth on Win 7

This video explains the steps to take to make Bluetooth work on Win 7, Win Vista, and Win XP…I have put the download link in this description as i explained in the video… If you by some chance cannot find the website plz let me know and i will get the software for you to dld. from me…Thanks and leave me comments if you need help or sub. my here for the software:


43 thoughts on “How to Install Bluetooth on Win 7

  1. I have Malwarebytes software installed on my PC. When I hit enter with this address "Danger ! Malware Software. Do NOT Proceed! appeared on my monitor. This is a highly respected Malware guard software in the industry, You can easily research it. It is rated as the top malware protection software. It has a free version but I paid for the premium version. Ignor at your own risk. Never download uncertified software!

  2. What is the difference between BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth and Generic Buetooth Radio..?
    What does each of it do..??
    I have the former one in my Windows 7 PC, and want to install the latter one…
    Could you please help me with it..??

  3. Thanks for your good efforts Shan. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. I couldn't install the driver that came with the dongle. The installation process kept being aborted because of some system error. Win 7 instantly recognised the bluetooth device but reported that the drivers were not successfully loaded. The system reported that the device is working properly even though send and receive files were not possible. Tried countless time, result still the same.

  4. I just installed, but my device which is the dongle shows not connected. and for the life of me can't figure out how to connect. It is on though the bluetooth icon is blue it turns red when I turn it off can you tell me what i'm doing wrong on my dell wind 7 D600.Thanks.jim

  5. wait… is the Bluetooth file manager is "fsquirt" on your C:WindowsSystem32 search "fsquirt" well on my pc it is but idk = 3=

  6. i would like to say that it is effective but the problem is that the internet to download it is too slow.(forget it anyway)

  7. Listening to you was torture. You don't get to the point and you ramble. – For those of us without infinite patience and time, may I suggest you start this video at 4 minutes and stop it at 4:15. That's about how long it should have taken.

  8. thank you very much for such an explicit lesson on making win7 Bluetooth capable.  I now know to make this upgrade affordably.  It was very helpful for you to show pictures of the Bluetooth devices and to give information on prices and sources for purchase.

  9. thanks !, I struggled with this for a while till I found your video …finally it works after attempts with other software.

  10. why when i try to connect my bluetooth headphones it wont let them connect cause it doesnt have drivers for the headphones

  11. Unfortunately, the Blue Tooth Update Installer you recommend for the downloads is another one of those scam sites that claim to be providing a free service and then try to charge you for providing it. It lets you download the instal software (for Free) then refuses to let you use it unless you register. And the minimum charge for registration is $1.66 per month. So, at that point I quit the application. Is there another place I can get these drivers?

    P.S. Not only that but it appears to have a viral component embedded into it that after you uninstal it continues to paster you about your out of date drivers and invites you to reinstal it. So, a pretty underhand and shitty piece of software all around.

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