How To Increase Bluetooth Battery Life

Hey guys in this video I am trying to show you how to increase bluetooth battery life by just changing the existing battery of this bluetooth earphone headset, you can also do this to increase your bluetooth battery life, some manufacturers use cheaper parts to save some cost on that parts

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20 thoughts on “How To Increase Bluetooth Battery Life

  1. Bhai mera phone me Jo bhi wired earphones use krta huu vo connect to ho Jata hai pr sound bhi aata hai hai achhe se pr usi same time pe external speaker se audio aati hai. Mtlb earphones Abhi or external speaker se dono se same wakt sound aati hai. ISSA sbhi earphones ke saath ho Raha hai kya kr skte hai. Please reply

  2. Hey bro so 2 days ago bought this syska H15 Bluetooth headset for 200rs from roadside seller. So he said charging time is 1 hour and battery life 5 to 6 hours and when I used the charging time was 2 hours and battery life was only half an hour and I'm not telling on guess basis i have checked using timer. When the other day I searched for the vendor he was disappeared. Can you please tell how can I increase battery life

  3. Bro me ye battery kha se mangvau me pure market me ghoom gya but kahi ni mili muje wireless earphone ki battery so bro plzz tell me kha se lo

  4. I had Bluedio tn2 earphone. It power off within hours. Charge within 2 minutes. They say it can use 8 hours. But no. Can i change the battery of it? Can i use more powerful battery?

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