How To Improve The Performance Of BlueStacks 3 2018 | Fix Lag and Improve Performance Easy

How To Improve The Performance Of BlueStacks 3 2018 | Fix Lag and Improve Performance Easy

In this Windows tutorial I will be showing you how to make Bluestacks 3 run 100% faster with a few little tweaks you will be running all your android games in Bluestacks 3 with no lag or FPS drop I can not think of anything worse than when you are trying to play a game in BlueStacks and it keeps lagging and glitching if you have found another way to help fix these issues help everyone out and comment below.

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About Bluestacks 3:
BlueStacks 3 has been in development for several years and is ready for you to start using today. It allows you to play android games with your mouse and keyboard to make you more competitive in your gameplay. You’ll be able to play in high definition with your monitor and use ANY app with BlueStacks 3.

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34 thoughts on “How To Improve The Performance Of BlueStacks 3 2018 | Fix Lag and Improve Performance Easy

  1. Some games get extra performance if you run them with DirectX over OpenGL…
    You might get a warning by using this option, but give it a try and see if game doesn't run into issues.
    I double my frames using this option 🙂
    Like this comment if this work out with your game.

  2. I actually just wanted to improve the quality and increase the resolution and unwittingly I came across this and my games look soo much better

  3. hey just wanted to say updating direct x and my drivers helped alot,

    lowering resolution made it worse, but staying on native resolution i got 60+ fps
    instead of max cores which made mine worse i set it to 4 and its smooth like butter
    set video ram to half aswell instead of max
    def some goof solid advice here and content +1

  4. the task manager trick helped, but, it's still lagigng a bit, is there a way about giving it memory? ( not ram ), would that help?
    PS: i use BS1.1.11.8004, as it's the only one which works perfectly for me pc i guess

  5. Blue stack will never go well, because it is an emulator. The same android games on the microsoft store run 100 times better. Example, NITRO NATION.

  6. well, bluestacks sucks a lot, 4 cores and 3GB of RAM isnt enough? Like how the fuck is this even possible? Are these developers retarded or what? Cant even run fucking mobile legends LOL. Piece of trash emulator xd

  7. anybody has a tip on why i suddenly have a super low download speed IN bluestacks ? it used to be quite fast, but as i wanted to update a game today and its extremely slow. takes like 10 minutes for 1/2 mb. its not just that specific app, all downloads inside of bluestacks are that slow for some reason

  8. WRONG. the ram usage will still be the same even if you close everything as it is the required random access memory to run the program itself.

  9. dragon ball legends plays like shit in bluestacks 4 I have 16gb why is it important for firefox not to be open?…in fact 2 cores seem to load it a bit faster than 8 cores option. I bet all the fucking recommended games it downloads is responsible for the lag…

  10. Bluestacks seems like a shitty cancerous program which doesn't run properly even on the highest end of hardware. I give up on this bullshit.

  11. I have no problems with performance, but when I open any game, the sound starts 5 seconds or more later when I start playing, how can I fix this?

  12. Well i give up on bluestacks lol, the is a bit eh and takes forever to load the app and when i tried playing CnC rivals, the units had no models nor did the base. It's not my PC, i just can't get this app thing to work. Glitchy as hell

  13. i have a windows 10 PC, my bluestacks version is bluestacks 4. my problem is that when i open a game in it the audio is choppy, like, it stutters, it lags. so plz make a video on how to fix it with a proof playing clash of clans pleeeaaassseee bro.

    uhhh are you sure it's safe to disable my antivirus…? I have Avast Premier and I know how to diable it but i'm afraid of having a malware/virus/etc. 'cause i got a lot of messages from my antivirus that said they blocked stuff that may destroy my pc Q^Q I'll show you an example: When i downloaded Gachaverse to my pc when i closed it my antivirus said they blocked a malware… and i downloaded gacha life and i'm afraid i'll have the same thing..
    Thanks if you're answering <3

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