How to Fix Windows 7 Bluetooth Errors

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How to Fix All Bluetooth problems of Windows 7
If you can’t see Bluetooth icon in notification area then follow steps given below:
1. Click on the “Start” button
2. Click to the “Devices and Printers”
3. Click on your laptop icon with the right mouse click
4. With the Left mouse click, click on the “Bluetooth setting”
5. Click in the “show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area” box
6. Click “Apply” and “okay”
7. Check your notification area. And you are done.

If your Bluetooth is not responding then follow steps given below:
Before You do these steps make sure your Bluetooth is OFF.

1. Click on the “start” button
2. Write in the “Start menu” search bar “Services”
3. Click on the “services ” and find “Bluetooth support service”
4. Click on that, stop it and change setting to “Automatic” and then click to “Start”
5. Now you have to switch ON your Bluetooth
6. With the right mouse click – click on the Bluetooth icon — choose “open setting”
7. Change the setting, click in the “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer ” box
8. Press”Apply and OK”
9. Now you are Done! TO check – does your Bluetooth work, switch it OFF and then again ON!

Else Visit given link & follow these Steps: (It works for all company’s PC)

You can also opt for Hotfix from given link, if nothing helps then only visit it:


36 thoughts on “How to Fix Windows 7 Bluetooth Errors

  1. It says “an error occurred while windows was saving your settings the Bluetooth Device might be unplugged the following settings were not saved discoverability settings “ what now? I’m so frustrated with watching these videos and researching and still getting nowhere.smh. Everyone has the same solutions that don’t work for this particular problem. 🙄

  2. Still didn't fix the fact that although my computer finds my bluetooth headphones, it won't let me control them. When I click control I get an error message. None of this worked.

  3. Brother I have installed the USb Bluetooth adapter in my computer. I have to sync my cell phone so how to do it's setting and what driver will it be like please please brother, how do you tell me I had seen some videos on YouTube and also commented on them.No helpless found brother please help you

  4. i have done all this but my laptop wont find my bluetooth headphones even after i press the pairing button on my headphones and i see the bluetooth adapter responding with lights flickering. the headphones still dont show up in the add a device windo

  5. bro my bluetooth speaker shows connected but voice not coming wether it's possible connect by mobile …I checked play back there I can't see my speaker icon too so plz tell me what I do .set default also not works

  6. Dear Friend, whenever you are going to start any video like this, please don't let any sound disturbance be started at all. This creates too much disturbance, and doesn't let to concentrate

  7. Hi my windows version is W7 Ultimate with built-in Bluetooth on my Laptop Acer Aspire E1-572G and my device have a Bluetooth hardware it,s Bluetooth mouse but you cannot find any adapter listings for Bluetooth, could you help me please?

  8. I have been given an iPhone 4 recently and was trying to connect it to my Fujitsu Lifebook 792 which should have Bluetooth built in. Your instructions are very clear and thorough. I followed all steps to attempt repair, only to find out in the end that the problem may unfortunately be a fundamental one. The programme is there, all settings properly done, but no Bluetooth adapter can be found under Device Manager! Thanks for your good work anyway. Am sure it has helped many. 🙂

  9. When I click on bluetooth settings, nothing appears.
    does this mean that bluetooth driver is missing from my laptop?

  10. Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 7 64-bit!

    But I can¨t even install the hotfix would be nice if MS would fix the broken BT in W7 ?

  11. HELP!! I'll send screenshot; it means ''Bluetooth perifer device'' -''Driver not found''
    What should I do now? I have problems over a year with this and when I try to connect to my PBHS 1 headset it displays this

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