So you want to know How To Sharpen Photo In Photoshop ? In this video you will learn just that.
In this tutorial i will show you the Quickest and EASIEST method how to sharpen photos in adobe photoshop.
You see, i’m no stranger to blurry photos. Most of the time i’m shooting with the sigma 18-35 f1.8 art lens, and i absolutely love it. The lens is sharp and the colours are gorgeous, that is if the lens doesn’t miss focus. So what i’m saying is that i’ve spent a lot of time watching photoshop editing tutorials on image sharpening and other techniques that would help my images to look sharp! And out of all the sharpening methods i’ve seen i think that this is the EASIEST and QUICKEST method.
Anyway, i hope this video helps !

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Gear i use and suggest !!!
Canon 80D :

Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 art :

Canon 10-22mm F3.5-4.5 :

Canon 50mm f1.8 :

Rode video mic pro :

Dji spark :

Joby gorilla pod :

lowepro 35l backpack :


24 thoughts on “HOW To FIX MISSED FOCUSE In Photoshop

  1. 4:38… Why don't you show us instead of talking about it? You're missing the point of an instructional vid. If we can't SEE what you're doing and selecting, it does viewers no good.

  2. 3:45… "Use the brush tool…" What brush tool? Where's it at? And what setting? Part of your screen is out of frame and you have windows blocking other sections of the screen so we can't see what you're selecting.

  3. interesting! i do this (far to many times!) but use overlay (or soft light for a lesser effect). will try this too!

  4. thanks a lot, not a perfect fix but after some experimenting it does work sometimes and makes it a lot better. definitely didn't learn this in either photography or my graphic design classes at school.

  5. Im a ROOKIE and this definitely helped me. I did run into a bit of trouble once I got to the brush tool part where you brush out the sharpened part of the picture at the end. Not quite sure what I did wrong. But you definitely got me on the right path!!

  6. Amazing of course you want to always have your shot perfectly in focus but having a shot out of focus happens to the best of us and this is a really solid fix

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