How to Fix Bluetooth Audio Quality – Windows 10 Tutorial

Having distortion or bad sound quality in Windows 10 with Bluetooth headphones or other devices? Try this easy fix.

If you are using a Bluetooth headset and need your mic, always try to set your headphones/headset as default device, and default communication device, respectively.

Also, an easy method to try first, per user Alexandre Durin (Chrophedra)

”I suggest you to disable all enhancements in Speakers properties and check. Refer the steps below:
Press Windows key + X.
Click on Control Panel.
Double-Click on the Sound Icon and click on Speakers.
Click on Properties.
Click on Enhancements Tab.
Now click “Disable All Sound Effects”
Click OK and check if issue persists.”


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50 thoughts on “How to Fix Bluetooth Audio Quality – Windows 10 Tutorial

  1. It is 5:30 am. Your video + googling "Fixing Microsoft Bluetooth A2dp Source not working properly" has finally let my search end. Thank you man.

  2. Just for people who find this like I just did : keep in mind that this cuts off your microphone.

    The real issue isn't that Bluetooth setting, it's that Windows creates TWO devices when you connect your headphones with microphone :
    One is the HEADSET : microphone + headphone combo, which get shitty mono sound in your ears
    The other one is the HEADPHONES : no mic, but full sound quality.

    For whatever reason, Windows picks up the HEADSET and so you get the horrendous phone quality.
    You need to go and mess in your sound devices and tell Windows to use the HEADPHONES device for the OUTPUT, and keep the HEADSET for INPUT, if you need the microphone.

    If you don't care about the microphone, then sure, you can ignore all that and follow the video.
    But if you want your microphone, that tutorial just disables it.

  3. This was so awesome and it fixed my audio issue, however now it doesn’t recognize my headset as an input device and I don’t know how to fix it!

  4. 2020! Thanks, man! This really helped me out. I knew my Bluetooth headphones were not going out because they were still performing well with my phone. This made me very confused but this video taught me something new!

  5. I recall trying this but the mic on the BT headphones stopped working. It seem my choices are 1) bad sound quality but working mic 2) no mic but good sound quality 🙁

  6. ANOTHER possibility which I found by trying this solution is that my headphones present as (2) devices: Bluedio Stereo and Bluedio Hands-Free. Randomly on Bluetooth connect it picks the hands free (telephony) which gives you muddy audio sound, switch to Stereo and now all sound/music is fine.

  7. thanks, worked a treat. thought these headphones were rubbish, but they sounded digitally crappy. glad i looked it up. now theyre banging.

  8. Who forgot to uncheck that by default at Microsoft's headquarters? My expansive headset sounded like crap!!! Thanks a lot Bro!

  9. OMG I've struggled with my new laptop bought in 2020 and after searching whole internet, this solution finally worked. Thank you very much

  10. wow. thanks a million. been looking for this solution for like a month and none of my friends were able to help.

  11. When I turn off Handsfree Telephony, my device disappears from available playback devices and doesn't come back after minutes or restarting. It still appears as a device in the control panel and even a bluetooth connection, but can't get audio to it. If I disconnect and reconnect, it comes back but with the bad settings and crappy quality. Tribit bluetooth headphones.

  12. Bro it is 5 years before and still fixed my problem you saved me from wasting 500 dollars thank you alot my guy you got a new subscriber

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