How To Create This Epic Blur Effect In Photoshop!

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Today we learn how to create this awesome blur effect to make your images give off a cool and mysterious look! As mentioned, I originally saw this effect on instagram but I cannot remember who I first saw it from. If you know where this effect originated, let me know in the comments and I will tag the artist in the description!


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18 thoughts on “How To Create This Epic Blur Effect In Photoshop!

  1. Hello Brendan! just wanted to say thank you for this video! took a photo of a winter trail and everything you showed was able to do it in my photo! turned out really cool thanks again!

  2. Hello Brendan! I saw your tutorial on You tube about the blur effect in photoshop and I did a job in that photo. I want to ask for your permission to upload it to instagram in the next hours?

  3. Hi Brendan, you mentioned that you used some wireless setup with your phone and your camera. Which one did you use, I am also thinking about purchasing one, but not sure which one I should buy 🙁

  4. Cheers buddy for the tutorial. Really appreciate your down to earth easy to follow explanations. Havent spent much time in photoshop as always seemed so overwhelming but picked up a few tips here that make it more understandable and manageable. Cheers

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