How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To Windows 8.0/8.1/10 PC

Hello everyone, here is a great useful tutorial of how to connect a bluetooth speaker to your PC. This is a Logetic Bluetooth speaker. It cost me about $40. Might be cheaper than that by now. But it is a great speaker you can use in a small decent room. If you just needing something for media consuming then this is a good one.

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39 thoughts on “How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To Windows 8.0/8.1/10 PC

  1. why so many dislikes? are you guys too dumb? this is a great tutorial! works for me! life saver! thanks! 1 like here!

  2. If you like bluetooth, and playing around with it there is this store by me its called 5below. Everything there is 5$ and below they have a webpage and you can by up to 100 units of most items at a time (not a plug just saying I'm not getting nothing for telling you that lol). Speakers, wireless head and ear phones. They even have these wacky looking speakers that are all LED'ed up some are clear and shoot water up inside to the rhythm of the base for five bucks. Honestly I went there and bought a sh*t ton of stuff because I like to put bluetooth into things that do not have it built in. I rip the boards out of speakers like the one in the video and hooked them up to stereo speakers built a little enclosure for the board and now its a "bluetooth stereo". Cheaper than buying bluetooth boards on amazon if you like to make your own little projects like me. Just disconnect the little speaker wires and replace with the larger speaker wires in the same spot on the pcb (circuit board in the original speaker). As long as you dont need an amp for some super huge speaker you'll be straight. The selection of this store is pretty healthy. A lot of cool phone and tablet accessories on the chideappp. They have a copycat product of "TILE" the bluetooth/gps keychain I can think of a few uses for that, they even have computer mice equipped with bluetooth. What up Two Phonesss, just some intel for you and your viewers.

  3. when i pair my speaker, it just wont work the audio correctly, everytime its just glitching the fuck out and i dont know what to do.

  4. my bluetoth speakers are not playing the sound..even though ive added the device to windows 7 laptop of mine.

  5. Ok my question is, If I buy one of these Bluetooth Speakers, can I connect to a computer using the USB cord to play music or videos?

  6. I really appreciate the tutorial. I'm NOT a tech person and it was clear to me but man… the music was loud and distracting. Thanks again.

  7. Thank you so much, I've had one for a year, did not know how to use it. thank you and thanks youtubefor all these wonderful people who help the rest of us out.

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