How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Windows 10 Laptop/PC?

Here in this video, we’re going to see the procedure on how you can connect Bluetooth headphones to the Windows 10 laptop or desktop computer.

Bluetooth Adapter for Windows 10 PC:

First of all, you need to have a #Windows 10 laptop or a desktop computer to pair Bluetooth headphones. Most probably all the recent laptops do come with Bluetooth adapter but you need to get an additional Bluetooth device for the desktop computers to work well with the Bluetooth wireless headphones.

To know whether the laptop or a computer supports Bluetooth or not, you can check the status at the device manager. If you have the Bluetooth adapter and is not working properly, please do check this video right now and fix the problem.

Once you have everything like Bluetooth headset to connect and a Laptop, go to Settings then Devices and here find ‘Bluetooth and other devices’.

Here turn on the #Bluetooth and click on this + icon to add a Bluetooth device which is a headset in our case.

Now take your Bluetooth headphones and turn on the pairing mode.

To turn on the pairing mode, generally, you need to press and hold the power button for about 2-3 seconds until you see a blinking light. Here in my case, I’m using bose QC 35 ii wireless headphones which is having a dedicated button to pair.

Once you keep the #Headphones in pair mode, you will see the device here. Just tap on it to pair it to the Windows 10 computer.

You can disconnect or remove the device by choosing them here.
That’s it. Now enjoy listening to music or watching your favorite shows with your wireless headphones.

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7 thoughts on “How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Windows 10 Laptop/PC?

  1. my headphones is actually paired, but how can i use them. even if they are paired the sound is comming of my laptop speaker ! all i find on internet is how to pair the headset wich is not very difficult, but once its paired, what do i have to do next to have audio comming out of my headset. Im on windows 10, thanks!

  2. Useful video praveen. My laptop doesnt show the bluetooth icon but i some how fixed after watching your video. Keep sharing some useful stuff like this. 👌

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