CSR CSR8510 A10 bluetooth dongle 4.0 original CD drivers setup x32 x64 (Dongle version 2014 or so..)

CSR CSR8510 A10 bluetooth dongle 4.0 original CD drivers setup
Dongle version 2014 or so…
x32 x64 windows 7 10
My CD backup, not for retails, resale or sales, only for private use, download only if you lost your own original CD.

download here:


33 thoughts on “CSR CSR8510 A10 bluetooth dongle 4.0 original CD drivers setup x32 x64 (Dongle version 2014 or so..)

  1. Hace un tiempo compré un dongle Bluetooth 4.0 Koga/ scarlet crush production con la expectativa de que sea conectarlo y que ya aparezca el ícono de Bluetooth en el escritorio, pero no fue así, busqué en mil webs de todos los idiomas y no encontraba la solución, hasta estaba por ir a reclamar por mí dinero pensando que me estafaron, pero gracias a este video y estos drivers logré hacer funcionar el dispositivo y ya pude conectar mis auriculares Bluetooth y joystick a la pc, muchísimas gracias, espero que todos los que tengan el mismo problema también encuentren este video.

  2. Thank you, thank you very much, the cd that came with my adapter is shitty as hell, ill update if it finally makes my headphones and mic work properly <3333

  3. I really hate youtube tutorials popping up when I search for solutions to problems I am having.
    But after pulling my hair out for a very long time over it and giving up then trying again on multiple occasions I finally somehow stumbled onto this despite my inclination to disregard youtube when it comes to something like this but you know what?
    You fucking saved my sanity on this day in the year 2020.

    How Microsoft still hasn't addressed bluetooth drivers not working properly with these adapters over the many years it has been out or the company that manufactured it can't provide this themselves all the while some guy typing in a notepad and doing a pointless video on youtube can and does blows my fucking mind. I was about ready to just throw the thing in the trash and give up on it ever working again since I could not find the CD.

    So even though I didn't watch a single second of your video or even really like the this type of youtube content you must be recognized as the absolute fucking legend that you really are. That CD dump is all I needed and you delivered when nobody else that should be responsible for it would.


    I can't speak for anyone else, but the adapters that use this driver become "broken" for ME in the latest cumulative builds of Windows 10. Possibly since cumulative build 1809, but definitely 1903! Reason being is that these older (even though my personal BT has a date of October 2018 printed on it's PCB) Qualcomm BT adapters are blocked for security reason. Only updating the driver beyond driver v10.0.1.11. So you need drivers greater than that.


    I never used the driver provided here, but the default Windows driver worked well. When trying this driver, it did NOT work for me and couldn't connect to any of my devices. Downloading the Qualcomm drivers worked. Running the installer, it didn't actually install any driver so I had to manually install it, but going to device manager, right-clicking the CSR BT adapter, update, browse, let me choose and heading to Bluetooth Suite in Program Files (x86).

    You'll be provided a host of drivers that you'll be "WARNED" may not be compatible. Some aren't, most are and there's no disabling of DSE (Driver Signature Enforcement) required. Some work better than others as some give ME some sever lag connecting wireless controllers. The driver "Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth 4.0" seems to work fine, but others may yet work better!

  5. Thank you for this video. Without you, i would just put this F***G dongle in a trash bin. But it works properly now and so easily. Luv You 🙂

  6. I have this working with a MS Ergo keyboard, but other than trusting how the drivers are in the link below (thank you very much!), how to verify it is BT 4.0 LE and not just regular BT communication?

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