Change Name and Password of HC05 (HC06) Bluetooth Module Arduino

Whenever you want to use multiple HC05 modules u need different name for each board. So follow these steps to rename and change password from default settings in bluetooth module.

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26 thoughts on “Change Name and Password of HC05 (HC06) Bluetooth Module Arduino


  2. dude my hc-05 version is VERSION:3.0-20170601 but when i try to change the default pass word with at command it gives this error message
    when i press enter it displays

  3. Sir after i press the button and keep in the usb
    its blink long time
    when i get in the arduino software i try type AT but it doesnt say OK?

  4. great video. are you sure we connect the Rx to Rx and Tx to Tx? it doesn't make sense to me.
    BTW, can i use an arduino nano to configure the hc-05?

  5. Can you only configure the HC05 once and then it locks you out.
    I changed PW, NAME, and BAUD and now I can't connect to reconfigure anymore. It slow blinks a red and blue – never saw blue before – LED and Serial doesn't see anything no matter what speed.

  6. This video is very well but i have a dout that is how to save the uploaded progrram permanently in the arduino please make a video on thise

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