Carina & Maya – Not Without You

Song: ” Not Without You” (not released)
Lyrics here:

I was going a whole different way….with a song called “Too Soon” and “Push Me Away”, but decided to bring the hope back for this couple in this edit and so “Not Without You” is the one for now. Hopefully, the next show will make a step in that direction as well.

Vocals: Sonya L Taylor
Lyrics: Sonya L Taylor (BMI)
Music: Aakash Gandhi – “Arms Of Heaven” (YouTube Library)

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21 thoughts on “Carina & Maya – Not Without You

  1. Sometimes the eyes can be open but not seeing what's in front of them, They can't see because their using the wrong eyes, to see the soul one needs to dig deeper, caressing the essence of the minds energy. This song pulls a different rabbit out of my imaginations hat every time I listen ..a variety of flavours tasted each time the beauty of its superb vitality is wrapped around my mind .

  2. Wawe j'adore ce couple. Il est magnifique. J'espère qu'il vont pas le cassé comme les autres couples lesbienne.

  3. Oh Lord.. this song tho… Putting me in a weird touchy feely, melancholy, like u kno when you need someone to see your worth them trying to do not do what their normal routine is, like they kno ur worthy but they refuse to try. Like does that even make sense.. oh boy… It's like there's a connection to my soul with this.. I've listened to this like 10 times before I could attempt express my feelings and view…it's like Maya needed Carina to stay, to hold her in the embrace of her thoughts.. it's like saying don't go,just try me,im something new,(a whole different kettle of fish mind you).but then again new and different and wow and having such a phenomenal pull to someone usually scares people, cuz the feelings and emotions the person evokes within u scares the heck out a u and ur not sure what is happening but u kno you want to stay… Yet..sigh. your torn between what you want and what gives u a different kinda look on everything on a whole, a different kinda connection that's so new and has ur mind in an omg ,fireworks, butterflies in ur tummy, extra oomph, well a whole lot of extra somethings.. I guess what you want more is Gona ultimately win out.. oh lordy these songs speaks to my soul in a different kinda way.. when different songs and edits from an editor just speaks to u on a different level even after watching one edit a billion times your get a billion different out look… Omg tho.. ok three more times for the morning (who am I kidding,amma be stuck on this for the rest of the Day..aye ya yey)

  4. Very nice acting.God bless you both..I love you..both.👍👏💖👭🌷😚take care.bye bye…🙋🙌I am from sri lanka…I am Priya Perera..🙋👌🌷💖

  5. Carina deserve so much better… Maya just killed that vibe until she said straight she slept with that guy with no remorse i lost touch in them for sure

  6. 🔝🔴🎯👀😋🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😘😘😘👉👌👄🌊💎💧 da assaporare🍉🍉🍐🍐🍓💦🦋👅🎺🔑🌈💋😜💖🆒🍑😍🤙✌🍒👏🆙🥂👍😊🍭💥🆗💯💥💑💞🚻🖐👉👌

  7. Damm, a beautiful lady should'nt be going through this stuff! I hope maya gets it 2gether, cause carina is definitely worth it! Kudos 2 another lit af clip! Ty! Take care & be safe!

  8. Yeah everything is great in the beginning until you see that person's inner self and demons. You can't fix someone who doesn't think they have a problem or doesn't wanna fix themselves. It would be better for Carina to save herself, her dignity and her heart before she loses herself. Believe me…I learned this lesson the hard way.

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