BSTweaker 5. How to Root BlueStacks 4 and install SuperSU 2.82-SR5

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BSTweaker 5. How to Root BlueStacks 4 and install SuperSU 2.82-SR5

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44 thoughts on “BSTweaker 5. How to Root BlueStacks 4 and install SuperSU 2.82-SR5

  1. Only bloody vid that works sickcunt was tryna get proxy manager working heard of it 10 mins ago thanks to ya vid re-rooted and granted access to me bluestacks I dont know if you repeated the same thing but expert but I just followed steps up until half way through when root checker verified but big ups from AU

  2. I downloaded and installed BS4(4.32.90 The latest one) and did this tut. Root patch was successful but BS doesn’t connect network 🙁
    Should I install older version if so where can I get it as safe as possible?

  3. hello bro i m using BlueStacks 4 and i used Bstweaker 5 (5.7.3) but it says that "This version ( is not supported!!! " How can i fix that?? should i download another new Blue Stacks Tweaker version or not ?

  4. I really need a help in importing files from windows to blue stacks 4. when i open media manager on blue stacks 4 and choose a file like mp4 and click the open button and it waits for the file to be imported in the blue stacks 4. But there is always a message saying 0 imported files successfully when i just clicked on a mp4 file to be imported . Please help me.

  5. lan ben sızın ananızın amını sıkıyım yukletıosunuz yaptıgınızın aynısı yapıyoruz bızde nıye bu yarram sey olmuyor ıbne olu ıbneler

  6. not working.. maybe its because the bstweaker is newer than what you have shown in your video.. It would be great if you can make a tutorial for the 5.8.2 tweaker!!

  7. DO I have to sign into the google account when I install it .. it seems that if I don't sign in the google account, I can't complete the installation…

  8. Please help me why this message will show me : This version ( is not suported!!!

  9. Hey man I'm having a little trouble with this, so after force closing bluestacks and clicking "patch" to root, I started bluestacks and it loads all the way and the stops just before finishing and just stays stuck like that, any ideas?

    Thank you for your time

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