Bluetooth Smart Watch by Hype

The Bluetooth Smart Watch gives you the functionality and convenience of brand name Smart Watches without the brand name price tag. Hype is all about quality and ease of use, making their Smart Watch great for techies and those new to mobile accessories alike


45 thoughts on “Bluetooth Smart Watch by Hype

  1. Just bought this watch yesterday and it won't allow me to download the app for it. Tells me the app has reached it limit. Or the link to open it won't work either. So tossed it in the trash. Only paid $5.00

  2. I like bluetooth smart watch because i'm getting a white and red with my online i'm getting it in 3 days!

  3. Which app do I download to use the Hype watch with my Galaxy Note 8? When I look for the Fundo Companion App in the Google Play Store it only comes up with "Fundo Wear" … that doesn't seem to be it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  4. Y'all they sell this watch for 10$ at fucking DOLLAR GENERAL. You get what you pay for. My 3 year old fuckin loves his but then again he's 3 lmao. You guys are acting like it's not living up to your expectations or something? Like really? For 10$ you shouldn't have thought you were getting a good product.. It's about as basic and shitty as it gets. At least spend an extra 30-40 bucks and get a better fuckin watch y'all

  5. Zack I'm stuck with this its pretty complicated
    I bought one yesterday and in order for me to call I have to connect in Bluetooth

  6. This thing is crap! Has a bunch of functions which need an additional chip. As far as I can tell there’s nowhere to insert said chip

  7. so i got one but everythings connected to my android phone but i cant see my messages or contacts how do you do all that?

  8. Trying to set up my phone towork through it. Got everything working but the CAMERA. Says, "Failed to Launch." How can I make it work, please? I've downloaded the Bt and SLIDE 100 watch apps. Thanks!

  9. I just got one today for$20 and it was craziness trying to connect with my phone took me about ten tries but I figured it out, you gotta push on the bottom left text looking symbol when the password pop's up which is the ok/enter button. I'm going to figure out how to change the background when I get it done I'll let you HYPE WATCH user's know. I'm still not all that hyped up that it doesn't have a camera but hey 20 dollars baby 😂

  10. Hi recently got a hype watch, but I have an iPhone 5c. I was wondering if there are any free messaging apps, that I could use? It works fine for phone calls, but I would like to see my text messages too.

  11. What I like about it is, I can connect it to a non-Smart phone (using an LG Cosmos) via bluetooth. What I don't like is the volume st a max is barely audible, unless your indoors in a quiet room.

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