Bluetooth Not Connecting (Official Dell Tech Support)

Bluetooth not connecting? If your Bluetooth is not working, then try these 6 troubleshooting steps to fix Bluetooth Windows 10.

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13 thoughts on “Bluetooth Not Connecting (Official Dell Tech Support)

  1. Those are the very basic first steps you can find anywhere over the web. I was hoping for something a bit more in depth from Dell. I guess they don't really care.

  2. After every possible steps I could do be it general methods to driver to cmd commands still Bluetooth is not working in my laptop inspiron n4110. Please help its showing error code 43.

  3. ( Activate bluetooth using wireless switch ) show this problem when install bluetooth driver please tell me about this please

  4. My laptop doesn’t have the Bluetooth switch which is weird. I know it supports Bluetooth as I have used Bluetooth on it before

  5. Hello …I paired my galaxy a70 to dell ubuntu 16.04 LTS ….but whenever I send any pic to the laptop its says sending failed why is that? And what do I have to do ?

  6. I was playing with my Xbox controller yesterday but now it won’t work and says the laptop has no Bluetooth when I try troubleshooting

  7. i am on XPS15, but my BT headphones are connecting and disconnecting and sometimes its connected but does not have voice from browser

  8. When I go to devices, I dont even see the bluetooth toggle ON/OFF switch. But the laptop definitely has bluetooth (E7470 Latitude).

  9. My Dell Bluetooth (Dell XPS 13, Win 10 latest) gave constant problems from day one. I've tried everything, have the latest drivers and BIOS, etc. This particular problem is with Logitech MX10 speakers. They have worked in the past with this same setup but lately nothing I do to fix the problem helps. My Android phone connects with EVERYTHING and I've NEVER had a problem in 3 years of heavy use. I love my XPS but the Dell Bluetooth 1820a is simply ugly. (Btw, I use an MS Bluetooth mouse and it works well but not without the occasional need to uninstall BT drivers and rebooting.) I have recommended this laptop to others but if they're a heavy Bluetooth user I have told them to look elsewhere. Why oh why can't Dell get this right?

  10. Any better way for international shipping I am from Saudi Arabia. Else amazon bz they don't have option for G7 delivery

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