Bluetooth 2.0 Music Receiver USB Adapter PT-810

Listed on Amazon as: “VicTsing Portable USB Bluetooth Audio Music Streaming Receiver Adapter with 3.5 mm Stereo Output Black”

This is a tiny USB adapter. On top is a single 3.5mm 1/8inch stereo output. You can connect headsets or you can plug it in your car stereo. It is powered directly by USB. There is no battery inside.

It can be left connected in your car.

I was able to just plug it in my car’s USB power and then on my phone, I just scanned for Bluetooth devices and tap BT-810 once. It was connected as the default audio output.

Recorded 4/28/2014


19 thoughts on “Bluetooth 2.0 Music Receiver USB Adapter PT-810

  1. Hi! Does this adapter really has a stereo output? I"ve tested one similar on my car and only get mono sound from my iPhone.

  2. is there any usb Bluetooth tooth receivers that will recive abd play music through the usb instead of through a 3.5 mm head jack?? digital would sound a lot better than the analog head jack.

  3. people say it playing with some background noises, what you people have experienced so far ? i am thinking to buy 1 this weekend. also, does it last long enough ?

  4. complete crap, DO NOT BUY I bought 5 of them, only one worked, the rest where dead right out of the package, very cheaply made, not worth pissing your money away, pay a bit more and buy a better quality one.

  5. I bought and finally received this PT-810 BT device. I was hoping I could use it as "Earphone" equivalent but the only thing I cand send from smartphone to car-audio system is the music.  Any idea how to trick the pairing into "headphone" thing? Thank you

  6. can i change the bluetooth device name that originally is PT-810. Because i have 2 of them. and would like to differentiate it.

  7. This thing is still kicking so far. I leave it plugged in my car and I drive everyday in NYC area. Only occasional reset needed. Once in a while it does not connect. So I power it off and then on again. That's unplug…plug.

  8. This thing crapped out on me after 4 weeks of use. Though it was great while it lasted, it's clear this device isn't built to last. It's rather cheap.

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