Bluedio T2S Turbine Review – Outstanding Battery Life & Nice Bass Emphasis

Bluedio T2S Turbine review covers everything from features & comfort to sound quality [Links Below]

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The Bluedio T2S has a lot to offer including a 40 hour battery life, the ability to use them as wired headphones (after the battery has died) and a sound signature with a nice bass emphasis. They’re not the best all-rounder though as genres that benefit from better instrument separation don’t sound as good as more contemporary genres like; EMD, rap, electronic, some pop, house and so on.


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Bluedio Victory
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Original Bluedio T2S Turbine Hurricane Video Review


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40 thoughts on “Bluedio T2S Turbine Review – Outstanding Battery Life & Nice Bass Emphasis

  1. I'm getting these for gaming headphones because of the awesome 57 mm drivers! Gonna use them with a Mod Mic Wireless. So thats 25 dollars for the headphones and 125 dollars for the microphone! LOL IMO it will make the Perfect gaming headphones.

  2. Bluedio is without a doubt the best in regards to OEM head sets and bluetooth speakers in regards for value for money…no i dont work for them.

  3. I got the T2+ model for 230,000.00IDR (about 16USD) today.

    Really a bang for the buck. Sounds fantastic for it's price.

  4. How are they for movies? Is speech clear or is it muddy and muffled fusing with the ambience and other sounds too easily?

  5. Great and in depth review! Thank you for posting this! You should make more video reviews because you have a natural gift. Blessings

  6. Is it worth buying this product compared to sony , jbl or jabra at this price range????….please reply coz im planning to buy this product…..and whats da difference between bluedio t2s and bluedio t2plus…vch 1 should i go for???

  7. really good headphones bought mine 3 years ago. . .but it's bridge broke yesterday gonna go buy a new one really nice though sinnce its just 50$+

  8. Want even more awesome battery than these go Edifier w800bt (35hrs), w806bt (70hrs) I am getting any day now, w820bt (80hrs), and w830bt (95 humongous hrs).

  9. I think you people are misunderstanding bass vs mids. These have good mids but terrible bass. The bass lacks but mids are awesome. Louder you turn it up it distorts.

  10. Can someone tell me why when I connect these to my PC, it detects it only as a headset and only play low quality treble-heavy feedback wirelessly? Or did I actually waste $30 and a week of waiting for the mail on an entirely wrong set of headphones?

    This doesn't make any sense because I've had 3 pairs of Bludio blutooth headsets that played hi-fi quality with bass.

  11. I think this headphone is really good.. I've been using it all day (for music and gaming) for 2 years and it's still doing great 🙂

  12. Sir, in my pair which is T2, it seems like the right earcup is producing more sound than the left side, is it the case with you as well…??
    Please reply

  13. @Hifi Heaven
    Bluedio T2+, could you recommend bluetooth transmitter compatible with the headset? I bought a bluetooth transmitter not compatible with the headset while nia q8 and nia x5sp easily connects to it. I love the headset dont get me wrong but i blame Ps4 for not allowing third party headset and controller to connect to console. Faccck the ps4 sucks!!!!

  14. Honest personal review:
    I bought these in january and had them for a while now.
    As soon as I got them I was shocked how low the volume was, I kept pressing + to increase it and that was really the max. Also everytime you press a volume button, it interrupts whatever you're listening for 2-3 sec to make a beeping sound. That's not only pointless but very annoying because you don't know how much the volume has changed until the audio starts playing again.
    They're not very comfortable. After 30 min I start to feel distress and after 45 min it becomes unbearable.
    The bluetooth is horrible. I use it with an ipad air 2 and the bluetooth of my pc, and it doesn't work further then 1 meter. Even at that distance it has problems. It keeps interrupting and delaying the audio, its really makes you hate your life when you're listening a song and it keeps lagging unexpectadly. The quality of the sound aside from being low is also really bad.
    If you use the jack cable however, the quality of sound and the volume drastically increases, but its still very bad.
    I do agree that they have long battery life, in 7 months I've only had to charge them 4 times. But that's really the only good thing about them. I've had 5$ in-earphones that are better. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this crap.

  15. After just a few months of putting these on and taking them off the headband snapped so i wouldn't be pulling them apart as wide as you have , great review thanks

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