Bluedio T2+ Turbine Bluetooth Headset Review

Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine bluetooth wireless headset review,Best affordable bluetooth headphone?
Product: Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine bluetooth wireless headset.
Price: $30≈ 480 EGP.
Driver size: 57mm drivers.
Colors:Red, Navy blue, Black, White.
Features: SD card slot, FM radio, foldable design, microphone, equalizer.
Battery: 40 hours of talk time, 45 hours of bluetooth playback time, 15 hours of SD card playback, 15 hours of FM radio playback.
Bluedio App link:
Purchase link:

Reviewer: Anas Mohamed.
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42 thoughts on “Bluedio T2+ Turbine Bluetooth Headset Review

  1. Too long and repetitive, can be shortened to about 10 minutes. Should have spoken on how to use all the buttons. The guy has taken pains to explain though.

  2. 15:40 That scared the fuck out of me. Great review btw, been looking for an actual reviewer that could tell me all of the pros and cons of the headset. Keep it up man, you're doing a fantastic job!

  3. Watch and Subscribe the video on Bluedio T2 Plus Airphones…
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  4. in the website in your description (Amazon) these headphones look dark and very shiny. Is that the case for real life? doesn't seem like it in you video. I like how it looks in the video and i just want to be sure im not getting the dark red shin ones.

  5. One of the best reviews with all specs and honest words!

    I have a question about the equalizer. Is the equalizer accessible which means it is the built-in preset equalizers? If yes, how can I change the equalizer on this headset? Thanks.

  6. This is the best review so far I heard for T2+
    Subscribed and thank you..
    Oh, hearing your review from T2+
    It is a great affordable headphone…

  7. When it turn on, Does the SD card play first or the Bluetooth feature come on first? Does it play at the same sound level it let off……

    Thank you……❤❤

  8. They are really phenomenal headphones. Bluedios a great company I own 6 of their products so far and still getting more. I have these in blue but without the fm. Mine are the T2S Shooting Brake Turbine Hurricane. The sound and everything is phenomenal !

  9. I've T2+, How to access the equalizer setting, Which button to press?
    Could you reupload the apps for android, because the take down from their website..

  10. hey nerdology! nice reviews mate. but I have one Query-where can I get the case/cover for them as they tend to break fairly easily.

  11. Hi, that was great review. I have got this headphones now. But I have got a problem.When in Bluetooth mode, I hear a annoying buzz sound in the left earpiece, especially when its idle. Is this normal ? how to fix it ?

  12. Can you explain the FM radio? Do i need a phone to listen to FM radio, or can I use the headphones by themselves?

  13. the best review I heard… 🙂
    the slider ..will it break after few months…because i had bliedio h turbine ..slider of which broke in few months

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