Bluedio T2+ Review (Wireless Headphones)

Bluedio T2+ Review Video! The Turbine 2+ from Bluedio is a pair of wireless headphones that connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, computers/laptops, etc..

Notable specs:
40 hours of Bluetooth listening
Built in microphone
On-ear design
Micro USB charging
Included 3.5mm audio cable

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6 thoughts on “Bluedio T2+ Review (Wireless Headphones)

  1. Thank you a lot,i ordered one of them because my beats solo hd broke after 3 years of use i was gonna normally use them and the right side of the headband broke VERY easily. One of the things that i dont like about the beats solo hd is that they have more clarity than bass and they are very expensive.They have a good design and they are very comfortable but the headphone is made out of aluminum,stainless steel and plastic and almost all of the headphone is plastic,anyways thanks this video was very helpful for me,i subscribed and liked

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