Automate tasks in Android Games on PC with BlueStacks Macros

Download BlueStacks here –

Learn how to use the macro tool to automate boring tasks while playing Android Games on PC. Download BlueStacks 4 today and get your game on!

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14 thoughts on “Automate tasks in Android Games on PC with BlueStacks Macros

  1. i have the latest version on macbook pro but i dont see this for raid game and mines doent look like the new version plz help

  2. Just let us record macros on everything. Then people would actually use this feature instead of using a third party program.

  3. I was wondering if blue stacks can be used for apps and programs that are not games? such as Koomoot, Trabee Pocket (budgeting app), Uber and Duolingo? I am trying to recover lost data on these apps for my broken phones. also play duolingo on the computer as the website login is not comfortable interface for me. Thank you.

  4. i got the last version but like WarpFire many icons are missing. I got only KeyMapper ont the botom and 5 others icon but nothing on the right, can you help me ?

  5. i used to play frefire on bluestacks. now the controls is fully fucked up. d-pad moves automatically and can't swipe up the fire button properly.

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